We love our dogs. (sigh)

But seriously guys, its already a chore to empty the trash INSIDE the house.

As we walked Katie out to her car after a blissful day of blogging and baking, we had this wonderful surprise spread out all over our lawn. Apparently we forgot to close the garage door after watching the solar eclipse outside (which was so cool!!). Our dogs took the opportunity to ravage the trash bags that were waiting to be hauled to the dairy, and dragged it everywhere!! Katie was only too happy to skedaddle to her car. Just kidding, Kate.

That’s my cute husband picking up the trash as I snap photos. I only got away with that for a minute until I had to start helping too 🙂


Just everywhere. Great memories of what we had for dinner last week (not).

The perp:

Mac- look at that guilty face..

On to Monday!! Goodnight!

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