We got a much needed vacation last weekend. Our cousin Delaine got married, so most of our family flew out to Michigan for the festivities and had a fabulous time! I am a little biased, but my family is the best ever. We know how to have a good time. I’m pretty sure I did not get more than 18 hours of sleep the whole weekend, but who cares? We had so much fun throwing a bridal shower, going to the bachelorette party, setting up for the wedding, putting flowers together, moving chairs inside due to rain, then back outside due to sun…seriously, my family is awesome. There was so much stuff to do in this last week before the wedding but Delaine was a super relaxed bride and everyone else was just excited to be together and have a good time.

I know this is slightly out of focus, sorry, but here is the bride and groom! and that’s my Aunt Jodi (from whom I get my middle name, Faye), the mother of the bride.  Don’t they make a beautiful couple? I’m really hoping for a family reunion next summer…..:)

Hopefully I can post some better photos soon!


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  1. Like, like, like. Come back to Michigan.
    Aunt Jodi Faye


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