Woodcrafting: Peacock

Woodcrafting is kind of dangerous for me. I’m not known for being graceful- I’m admittedly very clumsy. But this style of crafting is slowly becoming one of my favorites. I regret that I don’t have many photos of the different stages of this project (I’m still getting in the habit of taking pictures as I go).

Anyways, this is the soldering iron that I bought at Home Depot for about $18 and it was totally worth the money.

It came with a few different attachment tips- one like a slotted screwdriver head (my favorite), a pencil tip (surprisingly NOT my favorite), and another slotted tip at an angle. I also purchased a piece of wood. What kind did I purchase? I have no idea. Didn’t even look. Sorry! I promise I’ll do better next time- but I do know that it was a harder type of wood which seemed helpful for this particular choice of style. I found a picture of a peacock that I liked and freehanded it onto the wood using pencil. Then I started burning. This took like 4 hours of straight concentration. Usually when I draw or craft I have an audiobook in the background or some kind of soundtrack (currently Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond) but for this project I needed silence. This teeny little tool gets hot. I really got a kick out of burning holes in paper while working on this (?). So I’m clumsy and an admitted pyro. Not the best combination! However, this first wood burning project was quite successful, and I will be doing many more of them!

I didn’t get many close-ups of the details, but I will post more soon!



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2 responses to “Woodcrafting: Peacock

  1. Clumsy like a baby cow. This is beautiful!


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