DIY Reusable Calendar- week by week

I am a planner. I don’t always follow my plans to a T, but I like knowing what’s coming up in my week. I think it’s because I am a huuuge procrastinator and knowing exactly how much time I have to waste before crisis mode hits calms me down a little. Also, Curtis and I have a different schedule every week between our jobs. After one too many conflicting plans and no idea of what my week looked like, I decided to make a calendar.  I like the reusable aspect because I don’t like paying fifteen bucks for a calendar.

( I’m watching TV out of the corner of my eye right now and saw a commercial for coffee cream. They did the ‘pour the cream in the coffee and watch the cream curl’ thing and it totally distracted me, sorry.)

Umm…back to calendar making. I live down the street from another crafter (a dear friend of mine who shares my addictions for reading, Hobby Lobby, and yummy food) who generously helped me on this one. She has a few cans of the spray paint chalk and she helped me take care of this part of the project. You can meet her here. She’s awesome. We chose the spray paint rather than the regular canned paint because it seemed easier. It was. It was also cheaper, about 8 bucks.

Okay. So you can really use any frame you want for this one. I happened to have a six part frame in the garage that I found recently so that’s why I chose this one. But really, any frame will do.










Take out the glass and spray paint it evenly and let it set for however long your particular brand of paint instructs. (I only spray painted one side). I did two layers on the one side.

Excuse the poor angle.











Once it is completely dry, you’re basically done! Put the glass back in the frame, and voila!








Like I said, I am doing this so I have a calendar.










But you can do this with any frame for anything you want! A dinner menu, daily love notes to your significant other (which I do on the mirror with a dry erase marker….this might be a classier idea lol), grocery list….whatever!










This is what I use to write with, but you can use sidewalk chalk too! The markers are about $5 apiece.








The final project, all filled out!

It's M's birthday on Friday!










We don’t have little ones yet, so my smallish calendar (12×12) suits us just fine. But any more than two different schedules may need more space than this. I recommend a plain frame minus the separations that mine has. This one works really well for recipe planning too.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and I love it. I still procrastinate though…anyone comes up with a calendar to eliminate that completely, let me know.


P.s. Did you see it’s M’s birthday on Friday! She’ll be in Israel, but I am going to bake her a cake anyways….any ideas on what kind?!


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  1. Megan

    What a cute idea! I’m really enjoying your blogs ladies:)


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