Homemade Liquid Soap

I love almond scented soap. It reminds me of my Grandma Cole…and it is such a beautiful clean smell! I found a few bars at TJ Maxx, but I have yet to find it in liquid form (which is what I prefer), and then I found a recipe on pinterest! So I decided to try it. It makes an entire gallon for less than 8 bucks, depending on how expensive the bar soap you choose is.

Why I chose to do something that requires me to turn the stove on in the summer is beyond me. But when I get a craft idea it’s hard to deter me from it. Like burning wood….and making soap.

You need a gallon of distilled water, 2 Tablespoons of liquid glycerin (less than $2 at Rite Aid), a cheese grater, and a bar of soap (8 to 12 oz).

Like my yellow kitchen wall? It’ll be LaMarina blue soon šŸ™‚











Finely grate the soap.

Looks like cheese!









Then add the whole gallon of water, the soap, and the 2 tablespoons of glycerin to a pot and heat to medium/high heat.








You don’t need it to boil. Just heat and stir until the soap shavings dissolve.








It will be very watery with some bubbles on top just like this. Once the soap is dissolved completely, take it off the stove and set it somewhere cool. I set mine on my kitchen table. Now it just needs to set for twelve hours! I let it set overnight and when I came back in the morning it had set into the consistency of lotion! I was beyond excited. It was a little thicker than what my recipe called for, because I used 12 ounces of soap instead of 8 but all you have to do is whisk in a little more water to thin it out. You can see how much it thickens here!

Smells amazing!









Once I thinned it out, the texture is not quite as smooth as store bought stuff and it doesn’t get super bubbly when you wash your hands, but it moisturizes and cleans just as well!

All in all, this takes about 20 minutes of actual labor (most of which is spent grating soap) and is fantastically cheap! Plus, if you have a bar soap that you love but can’t find in liquid form you now have a solution šŸ™‚


P.S. Here’s a photo of M and Joey in Israel!! They’re having an awesome time!

So beautiful!!


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