Quick update from Israel





Above is the port from where Jonah sailed to flee God’s command to go to Ninevah.





Above is me sitting in the women’s worship section in the synagogue. Jesus preached here!


View from the Mount of Beatitudes- you can see where Jesus probably gave the sermon on the mount.


After Seeing the location of the feeding of the 5,000, guess what was for lunch?



Above is the Jordan River, place of Jesus’ baptism by John the baptist. Many members of our group were baptized in the river, along with two Ukranian women who had been listening to Pastor Dave and wanted to accept Jesus too!


At the Tel (hill) of Dan- and this is the river. It is a tributary of the Jordan (JorDAN) River and it is so clear you can drink right from it, which we did!


The picture above is us at the city wall that protects Jeroboam’s city at Dan. Huge.




These three pictures were taken at Mt. Hermon- you can see the huge cave there in the side of the mountain- pagans believed that this was the gate to Hades, and there are carved places where they placed their idols in the wall. This is where Peter answered Jesus’ question of ‘Who am I?’ by saying He was the true living God. Upon that rock- that Jesus is the living God- He built the Church! Check out Matthew 16, it’s an incredible story and now you can picture where it took place.



And this is our tour guide, Tony- I would come again to Israel just to visit him! His knowledge of his land and his love for God and testimony is inspiring.

We are on day 3 of our trip right now, and already my notebooks and Bible are overflowing with notes and knowledge on this land and the history of the Bible. It has been life-altering to put pictures, smells, and tastes with the stories that we were taught all our lives… And to hear from a Jewish man how the land is truly blessed by God. I can’t wait to share more but you’ll have to wait!



P.S. it’s my birthday! Today I hiked up Bet She’an with Joey and some other group members- and also have had the birthday song sung to me on the bus 14 times so far. 9 more times to go in order to reach 23… Oh boy! I wonder what cake Katie is baking me- no birthday cake here…



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4 responses to “Quick update from Israel

  1. Happy Birthday, dear Monica! It was so good to hear and see what you are experiencing in the Holy Land. What an awesome experience for you guys. Love and miss you both! Happy Birthday to you!!!!


  2. Narleen Douma

    Happy Birthday, Monica. Love you. Can hardly wait to hear everything. Would offer to bake a cake,but yours are always better. Gr.& Gr. Douma


    • Thank you Grandma! You are so sweet- we are having a wonderful time, and looking forward to being home too (and the a/c) !! It is absolutely incredible. I know your desserts are amazon because I’ve cooked from your cookbook you gave me! 🙂 love you!


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