Happy 23rd Birthday M!

Twenty three years ago today I was blessed with my first baby sister! I loved her immediately and we have been inseparable from the beginning.

Look at her face! (the one on the left) She’s so stinkin’ cute.

Monica is such an amazing person. She opens her home to anyone who walks in and is a friend to everyone. She is so outgoing! She has more energy than a lot of people I know, and she is always on the go. She loves Jesus with her whole heart and is always working on understanding her faith more and sharing it with people. Second to loving Jesus, she loves her family fiercely. That is the best word to describe it- she is protective of every parent and sibling in her circle. Don’t cross her,trust me. 🙂  I cannot wait to have lunch with her when she gets back from Israel and read her notes and look at all her amazing photos!

Since I can’t have lunch with her today, I decided to use her/mom’s recipe to bake a cake.

It’s Devil’s Food chocolate with buttercream frosting…..yum.

For now, we will have to enjoy it in Cali, and when she gets back we’ll make it up to her.

I am so blessed to have such an wonderful sister. I love you, Mon!

❤ K


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