I’m a winter person. In general, I do not like summer- I prefer being cold to the oppressive heat of the Central Valley. However, I must admit that once summer gets here, it’s never as bad as I make it out to be. Curtis and I have been walking at night once it’s cooled down, which I must say we never do in the winter. It is nice too, to have some time away from TV, internet, laundry, and cleaning to chitchat about our day and relax. It was lovely.

Before our walk I made dinner. This morning before work I had halfway planned ahead by letting some ground beef thaw for spaghetti and assumed I’d have the rest of the necessary items the recipe requires. I get to the point where the ground beef is browned and ready only to realize that not only do I not have spaghetti sauce, but I also do not have spaghetti noodles. Awesome.

Then Curtis saves the day and gives up his boxed Velveeta Mac n’ Cheese noodles. My hero! The sauce problem I solved by finding deep in the back corner of my pantry a can of seasoned diced tomatoes. So I threw that in with the meat, along with some garlic, onions, dried basil, oregano, salt, pepper, and a teensy bit of whine I mean WINE….and voila! It smelled like pizza. Tasted pretty good too!

It really did smell like pizza…

So after this somewhat heavy meal Curtis reminded me that I had wanted to go for a walk (bless him, I know he was tired) and he pulled me out the door. 🙂 Cuz I was all ready for a bowl of ice cream (is it still National Dairy Month?) and some Restaurant Impossible. Hehe, I am so easily distracted, I’m telling you. And distracted may not be the correct word…more along the lines of ‘ready to just relax.’




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