When I was younger, my mom’s handwriting was an enigma to me. Actually, it still is. She has the ability to effortlessly make it look perfect every time. My handwriting is somewhat less uniform, so forging her signature on my absence notes was never an option for me 🙂 just kidding!

I remember her doing calligraphy sometimes and she was fantastic. Since her handwriting is naturally uniform, that seems to make her calligraphy skills come naturally. I wish I had some of her writing to show! But anyways, I remembered this and decided to see if my skills had gotten any better from when she tried to teach me.

My first alphabet!










I don’t have a book to follow right now, so I’m just making pretty letters. This is by no means ‘real’ calligraphy. 🙂 Just me doinking around with a cool marker.








Also, I can’t do this at all without graphing paper. If I don’t have lines to follow, it looks like kindergarten letters. I’m going to see if my mom still has her old calligraphy books and maybe I can borrow/steal them. 🙂


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