K’s kind of shake…:)

I have to admit, I have not yet tried either of M’s shakes that she’s made. I had a hankering for a coffee milkshake yesterday though, and no fresh fruit in the house *gasp*….so I whipped one up quick. It was amazing. Though not on the nutritious side, it would jolt you awake in a pinch.

I only had a teensy bit (about a cup) of ice cream left so this was small.

nom nom nom

1 cup of ice cream, little bit of ice, splash of milk, and one pack of VIA instant coffee and voila! Yum-ness.

I really needed a little boost this weekend with an extra shift at work. And I just really wanted one.

I’m quite excited about a new wall hanging I’m making using a small pallet I had in my backyard.

It’s all wet cuz it was a spider home, apparently. So it needed a bath.

This is how it will hang on the wall!

I’m going to stain it dark brown and use it for either a spice rack or a shelf for frames….

I’ll post a pic this week with the finish project!



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