Wow, this summer has been so busy! Several vacations later, I am finally resuming a (somewhat) normal life again. I got to go to Disneyland with my mom and two younger sisters (M wasn’t able to make it 😦 ), got to go camping for a few days with Curtis’ family, and got to take a few day trips here and there. I also just started a new job, so this has been a very full, exciting summer! Here’s a few photos 🙂

The castle!











This one’s for M- she was scared of Jasmine’s belly button when she was little so we got a photo just for her! 🙂





















We got to have breakfast with the Princesses on our second morning! It was magical….Belle is my favorite (does is have anything to do with the fact that the Beast gives her a library? I don’t know. Maybe.) and she was so amazing! I jumped right out of my seat when she came over and she said she could tell she was my favorite (ha! lol) and asked if I had ‘a Beast of my own’! Love her!








One of Lindsey’s more charming facial expressions 😉















The Castle….So pretty!

There’s a little peek at our trip….we had a fantastic time!!! Unfortunately, I did not take photos of any of the yummy food we snacked on during our line-waiting and photo taking, such as the churros, the frozen strawberry lemonade, kebabs, jalapeno cheese filled pretzels….yeah not the healthiest outing we’ve had, but delicious nonetheless.

Speaking of food, I’m trying to get back in the habit of making dinner. Summertime schedules don’t jibe with consistent cooking for me. :/ Oh well.

Back to the real world!


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