The Weekend that Flew











Ahh… I hope everyone has had a spare moment weekend this summer to take a step back and relax! We just got back from a quick trip to the coast with some friends- and it. was. fantastic.









Our first stop was our favorite winery in the area- Tobin James. It’s in Paso Robles and is such a fun place to spend a few hours. Our friend Katie (Jon’s wife) is doing her clinicals for grad school down at Shell Beach, and she couldn’t met us here because she was still working. We brought her some tasty vino later though!











Ah, even just to smell this wine is wonderful! We went home with 2 bottles of our favorite- the Sangiovese. We hung out there for a while until Katie was done with work and then headed to the house to chill for the night! It ended up being the perfect weekend to get away- it was 107 degrees!!! at home. Just the thought of that heat makes me crave a cold glass of water. It was my absolute favorite weather down there- cool enough to wear jeans (JEANS!!!)  and a fleece jacket at night, but warm enough for shorts and a tank during the day!

When we got to the house, Katie was waiting for us and we decided to get dinner pretty quickly. We opted for the ah-mazing pizza from up the street- we ordered  in and enjoyed it from the patio overlooking the ocean. Be still my heart…

After that oh so very filling meal, we all went for a long walk along the coast and checked out all the cool beach houses. We stopped at one point because there were WHALES breaching!! (I guess that’s the proper term for when they come above the surface of the water) It was the very first time I have ever seen a whale and guys, it was SO awesome! We watched for at least a half hour, but then had to start walking back because it was getting pretty dark. Katie said that rarely happens that whales come so close, we we felt incredibly blessed to witness it!








See?!? Just kidding. Obviously this is not a real picture from me, and the whales didn’t jump like this, but we did see their noses! It was too far away for a decent picture, so this will have to do 🙂

We got back and sat on the patio for a while, then tuned in for the Olympics after a long day of driving. GO USA!!!


Then… sleep.

Its a good thing we all slept wonderfully- because the next day was packed with activity, fun and good food. It’s amateur hour for me with my lack of pictures of the gorgeous coastal pictures… sorry. We started out the morning with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with aged cheddar cheese, some fresh fruit, and yogurt. Again, fail in the picture department. Nothing you haven’t seen before 🙂

We then set out for a hike up Ridge Point- it was a pretty intense hike! Definitely felt good to stretch our legs and get our sweat on. It was very foggy below us, so we couldn’t see the ocean even though we were hiking right next to it! But beautiful nonetheless…

After our hike we hit up a sweet produce market…






































There was a PETTING ZOO TOO!! Who says those are for kids…





















After we had our fill of the market, we went back to the house to grab our bikes- time to head to the pier for lunch- we had worked up quite an appetite! We knew exactly where we wanted to go.









The Splash Cafe is a local joint that is well known for its out-of-this-world clam chowder- its tiny little place that is ALWAYS packed (as you can see). The boys were nice enough to wait in line while Kate and I peeked into the surf shops around the area.











I was going to go for the ever-popular clam chowder, but Joey ordered it so… I went with the fish sandwich and was NOT disappointed. I knew my dear husband would let me taste his bread bowl 🙂 The food pictured above? Inhaled. By me. In mere minutes. Delish.

However, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach, so I was about to burst I was so full after this. Luckily we biked around for a while and I felt much better after a while- so worth it! We found a volleyball at one of the local shops and spent the rest of the afternoon playing beach volleyball-  we had a real competition goin!

After a few hours of intensity, we biked back to the house and were ready to sit and relax. We showered up and decided to barbeque at the house for a chill evening in!









The boys went to pick up some goods for burgers and we set to preparing the rest of the meal. No pictures of the evening, but it was just lovely. We had a little happy hour with our selection at Tobin James, and paired with with some aged cheese and crackers, and homegrown grapes from a friend’s vineyard.

Then we enjoyed our dinner outside with a view of the ocean– and saw ANOTHER whale!

Life is gooood.

We played games later and watched more Olympics until pretty late, and then spent one last night at the beach house.

Jon and Katie surprised us with another local favorite for breakfast- oh dear.











Sunday morning just wouldn’t be complete without sticky buns.

We spent the morning just chatting and relaxing, and then it was time to head home.

It was hard to say goodbye to such divine weather and the ocean view, but it had to be done. I am just so thankful for good friends and special weekend trips like this every so often.

Oh yeah! I made some special goodies for our trip before we left- I’ll share them with you later this week. Think… the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. Yup, I found it, no big deal.











That is, if you enjoy thick, chewy, chocolatey chippie cookies that stay chewy and  melty (somehow) for the duration of their existence.

I’ll share soon! ‘Til then, it is good to be home, even if it is H-O-T.







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