Quick Craft! Words on Canvas

Ohh man, busy-ness is totally taking over my  life! I can’t wait til I’m all settled in the school/work mode and am able to figure out how to manage my time best. My crafting time is seriously lacking right now, and it makes me sad. However, on a happy note, I am getting much better at cooking dinner nearly every night and doing it HEALTHILY. 🙂 M is giving me awesome tips right now on how to cook for a husband who enjoys meat and potatoes (every night!) but still making meals that are healthy and yummy for those of us who cannot drop 5 pounds just by thinking about it (why are men like this?! Who came up with that?!) and also some tips on fitting exercise into a busy week without getting burnt out. So far, I’m very excited about all these changes and am still trying to work out this new schedule 😉 So, thanks M!

So, for a last hurrah on crafts now that school has started, I tried a combination of crafts that I saw on Pinterest here and here. I am currently loving the whole ‘paint the canvas one color’ thing, but not wanting just a random design and being super picky about what wood letter fonts I can find forced me to combine the two  and use a hot glue gun and do something using my own handwriting.

First, I freehanded the quote I chose onto the canvas using pencil. Then, using the hot glue gun (and probably 10 glue sticks or so) started lettering it in.

It’s hard to see the raising up lettering with my lame-o camera unless I do a funky side view….









The wonderful thing about using hot glue vs. Elmer’s or Tacky Glue is that once the hot glue dries it’s very easy to pull off if there’s a mess up. The other two glues smear and will show up when the canvas is painted.  Unless you’re me and you don’t wait til the glue dries completely and you burn your fingers nearly every time. I never learn.

Also, I’m weirdly fascinated with the color of M’s bathroom at her house…and that sounds weirder than my infatuation actually is. I’m painting my kitchen the same color (I think I’ve mentioned this) and had a sample can of this beautiful blue-green-grey wall paint that I totally used on this canvas. So, I can’t hang it in the kitchen cuz it’d get completely lost, but you know, whatever. 🙂

So, here’s the final project!











So, there ya go! I love this quote 🙂 and I think it turned out really well!


I’m really going to miss crafting all the time. I will be doing some here and there, but keep an eye out for more recipes from me!



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