Happy Birthday K!!

Good morning! As some of you might know, it was K’s 25th birthday yesterday- I can hardly believe my big sister is already 25! I didn’t get to post yesterday because I had to work, but here is her special birthday post from me, one day late. Enjoy this awfully embarrassing  loving poem I wrote for her, as well as a little ‘picture’ walk down memory lane!

P.S. Cross your fingers for us!! I asked K what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted a mini food processor. LO AND BEHOLD, one of my favorite bloggers is having a giveaway (that started on K’s BIRTHDAY) for a 13-cup KitchenAid food processor!! I’m not superstitious, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a sign K’s going to get it. We both entered to win, and we’ll find out Thursday who won… so… just cross your fingers!!

Ode to Kaitlin Faye, on her 25th ‘birthdaye’

There once was a gal named Kaitlin Faye

who grew up loving to laugh and play.

Her auburn curls were the envy of her younger sister,

who had a bowl-cut, and was convinced only her mother would ever kiss her.











Kaitlin was responsible for keeping us all in line,

even when all we’d do was fight and whine.

She rarely got angry, and just patted our heads,

saying- “If you two don’t stop fighting, in Barbies, you’ll play KEN!”












She was our fiercest protector,

everyone knew this, if they had met her!












Now Kaitlin was gracious and kind to all,

either young or old, big or small.

as she grew up, her character blossomed, and so did she!

Growing into a woman whom all would hope to be!












She loves the Lord and works hard daily,

wearing a smile for all, especially Israelis! (sorry couldn’t find a better rhyming word)


















With each year passing, it has come to my attention

that Katie grows sweeter and stronger, and funnier, not to mention!

Her twenty fourth year has come to a close,

and now she’s the big 2-5! Man, how that number grows! 😉












Katie, I love ya dearly and I know I speak for all,

that you are an amazing sister, wife, daughter and friend, no matter how un-tall!

Thanks for being my best friend, my sister, my confidante-

with a sis like you, what else could I want?


















So here’s to number 25!

May it bring blessings to you, with none to hide-

make this one count, as you did all the rest

remembering that to me, you’re the BEST!














P.S. For your birthday I made you a New York Cheesecake! It’s like 5 inches tall and I had a slice for you for breakfast. Happy Birthday!!!



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday K!!

  1. debbie

    Happy birthday, Katie! Love the poem too. Literally laughed out loud at the bowl cut part!


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