A Day with My Sisters









Last Saturday, Linds and I drove down to Merced for most of the day to hang out with K. And I say this every time, but it was just the best day ever. K lives in Madera, and we live in Ripon area- so we designated Merced as the halfway point between our two cities and it makes it that much easier to get together since it’s so much closer for all of us!

Linds and I had so much fun even just driving there- we jammed to random songs the whole way and talked sister talk in between playlists. I could talk to either of my sisters for days without stopping if that was realistic- I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have two of the best sisters in the world. Of course, growing up we had our fights. And quite often. K and Linds seem to remember them a lot better than I do… unfortunately. They said I was the one who started most of them but psh… Doubt THAT. Anyways, K and I are about 22 months apart and Linds and I are 6 years apart. That did make it hard to get along sometimes growing up, because K and I could fit in the same clothes, so ‘borrowing’ clothes was a point of issue most times. As for Linds, she seemed so much younger than us all through high school- we figured out on our drive that it must have been because every time we got OUT of a stage of growing up, Linds was just entering INTO it. Which made us ‘older, wiser’ sisters annoyed that Linds didn’t ‘get it’ yet like we did. Anyways, through it all, we loved each other fiercely and our brothers made us get along most of the time. Now that K and I are married and working, and Linds is applying for colleges, we all are close enough grown up that we just put aside our age differences and just love being around each other.

We all met around 9 at Coffee Bandits- which is our new favorite little hole-in-the-wall. All of us tend to be late for a lot of things, but somehow, when we are meeting each other, we’re always either early or right on time! Imagine that. We each ordered our coffee of choice and sat outside in the perfectly cool fall weather. And didn’t stop talking until around 3:30 when we left Merced. Coffee Bandits is such a fun hangout because it has all mismatched furniture with funky artwork everywhere, and a piano in the back. Whenever we go there, I feel like I should become more artistic and wear glasses… coffee shops do that to me. And San Francisco, too.

Anyways. We finished up our coffee and then headed to Hobby Lobby. Have you guys been to Hobby Lobby? It’s dangerous. I would bring some sort of restraining device with you, because NOT to fill up your cart with all sorts of home decor and craft items takes some serious willpower. We probably spent around 2 1/2 hours going up and down EVERY aisle, putting things in our cart, then taking them back out, then going back to get them again, then forcing each other to quiz us on why we NEEDED each item we were buying. If we couldn’t answer the question satisfactorily, we put it back. Good system, don’t you think? We spent a lot of time in the fabric department because Linds was needing material for a special project. The fabric lady had tears in her eyes because she was laughing so hard listening to us pick out fabrics for Linds. I would share our conversations with you… but some things are just better left unsaid.  Anyways, K and I loved the fabric that she picked out so much that we all bought some. Ooooof course.

After that successful trip, it was lunchtime! We headed to our other favorite place on the same street as Coffee Bandits- Bella Luna Cafe.







This place…. if you guys ever go to Merced… please go here!! They have the best lunches EVER! I’ll let you judge for yourself.








Linds and K got the Bella Luna Club- which I usually get too because it is so. good. I decided to be the martyr and try something new- so I got the Mediterranean Sandwich. K and I decided we’d each eat half of our sandwich and then switch, because she wanted to try mine too, and I was nervous mine wouldn’t be as good as the club.






Obviously, we didn’t trust each other enough to actually LET GO of our sandwiches to share! We both loved our choices, so we stuck with what we had ordered 🙂

We all got the Bella Luna Minestrone too, and that is probably the best minestrone I have ever had. And I’ve had a LOT of minestrone. Its the perfect amount to offset the heaviness of the sandwich- and its super cute because its served in a little mug. How ‘Paris’.






We spotted this before we ordered, and K was so sweet and bought a blueberry lemonade for us all to share! We were a little unsure at first… but dang. It was scrumptious!! Very sweet though- we all shared it and couldn’t finish it. And then K spoiled us some MORE and had ordered a cappaccino cream puff for us all to share. At first, I was all, “I dunno, K… I’m so full… maybe just one small bite.” K rolled her eyes and let me take a bite, and it was a struggle from there who would get the last smidgen of this delectable treat!

SOooo. Good.
















My two lovely sisters. We had such a great time, and it was special because it’s not often that the three of us can all go to Merced at the same time! Linds is in school, and K and I work weekends a lot, so we made sure that we utilized every minute we could spend together!

My sisters are the perfect balance for me- if you ever overhear us talking, you’ll see that we all balance each other. If I’m talking about something and needing an opinion, I can always count on them to give me balanced views. If I’m complaining, they help me see the silver lining in the cloud. If I had a dilemma, K and Linds both work through the different scenarios of approaches I could take to deal with the issue. We laugh about this all the time- no matter what, we three just are a perfect balance. Our mom raised us to try to see everything in perspective, and thats what we try to do.

Now if we could just get our brothers to move back into the area… imagine how awesome THAT would be!

So that was our day. We were sad to leave but we figure, we can’t look forward to next time until we say goodbye!

Until next time-



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