Road Trip!

Guys, I’m way too excited to sleep. Tomorrow, I’m taking my baby sister (she’s a senior in high school) to a college visit at Chico State University!! I feel totally honored that she would be okay with her dorky pregnant sister walking around with her on a college campus. Ill try not to say too many embarrassing things for her sake. The only thing that would make this trip even better than it already is would be if K could come too! She had to work though, so this task of watching over our infant sister falls to me.

Being that I have to wake up in 5 hours to pick her up, I should prob be asleep by now. But counting sheep just isn’t doing the trick, so to make myself more tired, I just got up and put together some snackies for the road! Gotta have snacks on hand at all times, dude. It’s a must.


Apple chips (only ingredient is apples!!) sour cream & onion smartpop, chocolate covered pretzels, dried mangoes, Dijon almonds, fruit and granola bars!!

I’m a nibbler on the road, so I come prepared.

Well I really need to focus on some shut-eye, so pray that the visit goes well tomorrow and that it helps Linds narrow down the choices for college! Also for safe driving. Lord knows I need that prayer, geez.

I’m pretty sure I’m putting more thought into where she’s going to college than where I did! I printed off like 30 pages of info on the school earlier today so I could sound smart to her on our drive there. Lets see if she falls for it.




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  1. Sheri

    LOL! I can’t believe little Lindsey is already going away to college… Whoever accepts her app is in for a great time! she is an amazing girl–I have often told people that she is the daughter of my soul… She and I share so many things in common! Just love her, and thank you for sharing her with me all these years! ❤


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