Simplest Apple Tart

Ahh… Today is a BEAUTIFULLY gloomy day. It rained early this morning, and the sky is still gray and cloudy… and I’m nice and warm inside with my sweatshirt on and a hot cup of hot chocolate. Did I mention I love my Keurig? Namely because it doesn’t JUST brew coffee… I have apple cider K-cups, hot chocolate K-cups, tea… it just makes cold days absolutely wonderful.








I’ve been looking forward to cold(er) weather since the beginning of summer. Believe me, that is usually not the case! I love my summers. Ever since we found out Baby VS was on the way, my body has been working double-time to create that little pumpkin! And that makes my internal temperature skyrocket. Feels like, anyway. So this weather… it’s like Christmas, ya’ll. Christmas.

Anyways, on to other things! The other day we had some friends over for dinner, and I had the day off so I was looking forward to preparing a nice meal for us all. The girls that came over had just finished running a half-marathon that past weekend, and totally rocked it! I was bummed to miss this race, but they have promised to help me get back into tip-top shape after baby is born- these girls are awesome motivators!! Anyways, after such a long race, they totally deserved a hearty meal. I decided to go with sausage & mushroom stuffed peppers, with crusty sourdough bread and spinach salad. And it was delish… but this isn’t the part I’m excited about!

Fast forward to: DESSERT.










Apples +brown sugar + puff pastry = drool.










Oh my heart. Ree Drummond, you are amazing. Thank you for making the kitchen such a fun place to be. AND thank you for providing the rest of us with a dessert that is SO easy and looks like it took hours to make. I was able to throw this together in less than 10 minutes while I was prepping all the ingredients for the stuffed peppers, which is a total plus in my book! Usually, I either focus on dinner OR dessert…. one is fancy/requires total focus, and the other is something thats simple and doesn’t require lots of concentration. But with this tart, you can totally act like you had it all together and are able to accomplish great feats of genius in the kitchen.

This tart had only 5 INGREDIENTS!!! And I’m willing to bet you’ve got em all. But maybe not. I don’t know. Lucky me, I did!








So after we stuffed ourselves and chatted the night away, we dove into this tart- and even Renae and Katie said, “Mon, this is totally blog-worthy.” Haha! Love it. Well, it has already been blogged about by the Pioneer Woman, but I am more than happy to sing her praises once again!










Head over to her website for the fabulous recipe (and many, many more!)





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2 responses to “Simplest Apple Tart

  1. jodi cole meyer

    So I made this last night. From memory. Sort of. Apparently this is my kind of recipe – approximation is just fine. So yummy, and now I’m kind of hooked on PG’s website!
    Miss you girls…
    Aunt Jodi


    • Love approximation 🙂 and love room for error, because sometimes it turns out even better that way!! Pioneer Woman rarely disappoints… and we miss you TOO!! cannot wait until the family reunion- although we are nervous to compete with you for Chopped… 😉


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