College Visit Recap

Remember my midnight post from last Saturday? About how excited I was to take baby sister on her first CA college visit?

TOTAL success. We had so much fun!! And, er, learned a lot. We totally did though.










We left pretty early in the morning and began our 3ish hour drive up north to Chico. It was just barely getting light when we left, and Linds and I both decided early mornings are totally beautiful and the absolute best part of the day. Of course… maybe sometimes we aren’t as quick to praise the idea of rising early… but on this day, we were lovin’ it.

We had a wonderful drive up to Chico, and started out the morning with the President’s Welcome and some tours of the campus and housing. (I felt very responsible, making sure we got the important tours and not just spending the whole time in the downtown area- score big sister!)








The campus was GORGEOUS! Trees everywhere… a river… little pathways to walk on… and huge! I went to Dordt College out in Iowa with my dear hub- and totally loved it! But it was definitely small compared to this place. It was so fun to watch my little sister take it all in- imagining that this time next year she could be living in this place! She was so shy at first, which was a shocker to me- Lindsey?! SHY!? But I can remember those days, sizing up the place I’d spend the next few years, and being slightly freaked out that I knew next to NO ONE there. It’s a little scary! Pretty soon we got to joking around and after a few laughs and awkward jokes, she was good to go.










I was so glad that after a little while, she opened up and started to ask her own questions and got back to her normal goofy self- I could definitely see her loving going to school at Chico. We also went on a tour that focused on the major she is considering- Journalism. If she wasn’t sure before coming here, she loved everything she heard about their Journalism and Public Relations programs. We had students taking us around the buildings and talking to us, which was really fun!










Also, it was a total unexpected surprise to have a classmate of my sister’s up in Chico that weekend for one of her friends’ birthdays- Krista heard we were visiting Chico via facebook and offered to show us around the area if we wanted that day. Oh, we totally wanted! We got in touch with her after a few tours and we are SO glad we did- Krista and her husband were so sweet and fun!! They took their time and explained all the fun things to do in the area, as well as some great groups to get involved with on campus, and bible studies as well. They showed us some fun shops, and places where students go to hangout a lot… as well as a sweet lunch place where you can build your own salad! Sounds kinda typical when I describe it like that… but it was an awesome little joint. Totally wish they had one here- if you are ever in the area, it’s called ‘Pluto’s’!










After lunch, we parted ways for a while so Linds and I could go check out a few more things on campus. I was dying to see the famed Rec Center they boasted of- and dang, it was definitely worth the bragging. Heaven. Made my home gym kinda look gross. I tried to take more pictures, but got in trouble for taking pictures ( I guess it is weird to take pics of gyms while people are working out.. I totally sound like a creeper. Excuse me.) Anyways, it was AWESOME.










We also REFUSED to leave the campus without taking pictures by certain signs we had seen on our various tours. Here is where we get way immature.

notice the ‘Flame of Knowledge’ just above her head… 🙂











I wanted to get Linds with the flame of knowledge over her head. Nailed it.

Let me explain– on our first tour, the guide told us that the school seal was… get ready for this… The Flame of Knowledge. Are you kidding?? I actually snorted.. thinking he was kidding. Then Linds elbowed me and I realized the guide was not, in fact, making an Indiana Jones-like joke. So we decided we HAD to get a picture with the sculpture of the  Flame of Knowledge. Kinda made us think of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Bible… ha!

Anyways, after we got our final glimpses of the campus and cashed in on some college apparel, we were ready to head out. Wearing TOMS was probably not the best choice of footwear for a day of so much walking.










Before we left though, we met up with Krista and Tyler and their friends one more time for a special treat- the Tea Bar! I had never even heard of something like that! It was SO awesome, we wished K could have been with us for that~ it was exactly her type of thing! You could get any type of tea, any way you wanted it- smoothie, sparkling, steamed, regular, whatever! Krista ordered hers with Tapioca pearls… and it sounded super interesting so I ordered mine with that too- they’re kind of gel-like little balls they add in. Unfortunately, I was not a big fan. It was like chewing on fish eyes. Other than that though, Linds and I LOVED our blackberry lemonade tea smoothies!

See the little goober balls on the bottom?












After an incredibly fun-filled day, and after getting to know the place that Linds could be going next year, we were so pooped and ready to go home.

We didn’t think we’d make it home without falling asleep… but Enrique Iglesias saved the day for us.

And that, my friends, was a successful day.










It was such a fun experience to take my little sister on a college visit- I know my mom (and K) were disappointed big-time that they couldn’t be there… and we really missed them. I know the biggest thing for us is to have Linds find a place that fits her and helps her grow into the woman that God created her to be! She has so many gifts, we can’t wait to see how she uses them. I have to admit- when Linds first told me she was considering Chico, my first thought was oh no… total party school. But after the visit, and talking with Krista, her hub, and friends, I could see that college is what YOU make it. Krista made some amazing Christian friends at Chico and met her husband at a Bible study! Opportunities to shine as a Christian abound anywhere you go, and I was so happy that Chico might be the place where Linds shines brightest.



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