Happy November!

From the left: Joey’s, Katie’s, Monica’s, and Jon’s!!









Here I am on November 1st, just peachy keen because it is yet another gloriously gloomy day and October is over! Nothing against October… but I just love the start of a new month. Especially the start of NOVEMBER! It’s Thanksgiving month, ya’ll! The month to be thankful! The month to look forward to seeing all your family (hopefully!) and enjoying the best meal of the year all together! And pumpkin spice lattes!!! AAAHHH!!! Whew, got a little overexcited there. Anyways, November is great.

I do feel like I should give October it’s due, though. Joey and I usually aren’t much of Halloween celebrators, but last night we had so much fun at our friend’s house for a pumpkin carving party, pumpkin spice chai lattes, and spooky cupcakes!

I had the pumpkin spice chai latte- divine.











Katie made us dinner and it was so delicious! She always makes delicious dinners and has fun little food items from Trader Joe’s that we ogle over- we definitely share love for trying new funky things! Roasted veggies, garlic cheesy bread, baked beans, and pollo asada- i cleeeeaned my plate, folks. Baby Judah was hangry!

****(Side note: We are not finding out if our baby is a boy or girl until he/she is born! We do NOT know that it’s a boy, nor are we naming our first son Judah… but somehow Joey and I have taken to calling the little flutterbudget ‘Baby Judah’. I cannot explain why this makes sense, but that’s how we roll! Sorry if you’re a girl, sweet little baby of mine!)***










After our delicious dinner, the pumpkin carving began!! I could not believe this, but Joey had never carved a pumpkin before! I think they painted pumpkins as kids, which we did a lot of that too, but I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know what the inside of a pumpkin looked like! He’s just adorable. He’s my favorite.










If it’s been a while since you have carved a pumpkin, TRY IT! It totally made us feel like little kids again, and it was a blast. Plus, you can roast the seeds for a yummy little snack later- win!

We used cinnamon sugar to season the first pan, and garlic and salt for the other one!











We all free-handed our carving, and were pretty impressed with the results..

Then it was time for dessert!!

I had talked to Katie earlier this week asking if there was anything I could bring to our little party, and she said any spooky treat I wanted to bring was welcome! Which made me pretty excited because K just taught us all how to make yummy fondant, and there was a treat I saw in a Martha Stewart catalogue that I was so excited to try!










GHOST CUPCAKES!! It turned out awesome!! They were so fun to make, and K suggested making the cupcakes the night before and the fondant a few hours in advance so it’d be easier to work with- I followed both her suggestions and am so glad I did. The recipe works, guys!! It’s easy to follow and yields very yummy, very soft fondant. The only negatives I’d say are: 1.) it is very messy. VERY MESSY. Use a large area of counter space where there aren’t crevices and corners, etc. 2.) When rolling out the fondant, the original recipe says just cornstarch works to rub into the counter surface and your rolling pin- this started out as true for me, then things started sticking and I wished I had used both Crisco and the cornstarch to prevent sticking.

Other than those two things, this was a slam dunk! I love making pretty little treats- and these are probably one of my favorites I’ve made!

All I did was use this recipe, and added sprinkles to the batter to make my own ‘funfetti’. I baked the cupcakes the night before so they’d be completely cool by the time I wanted to decorate them.

What you need for the decor:


Mini Reeses Cups



Pumpkin Candy Corn

Frost your cupcakes with your favorite flavor, and then set aside. Invert 2 reese’s cups and stack, using frosting as glue to hold them together. Then top the Reese’s stack with a whopper, also held on by frosting. Should look like this!










If you can, place the cupcakes in the fridge so they firm up and can stand the weight of the fondant you’re about to dress them with 🙂 Then roll out your fondant (using plenty of crisco and cornstarch!!!!) and use a pizza cutter to cut out little circles. Dust the cornstarch off of the little circles and drape them carefully over your candy towers on the cupcake! Smooth the fondant very lightly so that the folds resemble a ghost, you probably won’t have to do too much! After they are all draped, you can either cut little holes in the fondant to make the eyes and mouth, or do what I did and press in chocolate sprinkles for the eyes.

Add a little pumpkin for festivity and you are SET!!

Aren’t they cute?








Just to warn you… in case you couldn’t tell from the ingredient list… These babies are SUGAR BOMBS. There’s probably enough sugar in one cupcakes to fuel a small town for a week. Joey and I were both pretty jittery after eating them and alllmost craving veggies. Almost.

Instead we went to bed and slept off the sugar coma and that worked well too.

Well there ya go! Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween yesterday and all your kiddos got to wear cute little costumes. My completely adorable little niece rocked hers!!










Seriously… this little girl is probably my favorite thing on the planet right now. Those cheeks! And that smile! She’s coming to see Auntie M and Uncle Joey during Thanksgiving (and the rest of the family… 🙂 ) and we are counting down the minutes!

Enjoy your Thursday! I’ve got a pot of pea soup on the stove and I cannot wait to share the recipe with you. Another family favorite, and it is smelling mighty good.

Time to finish the rest of the to-do list for my day off!



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  1. Loved the cupcakes, they are so cute!


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