Tiramisu Fail.








It was bound to happen.

Last week we had the ever so rare opportunity to spend the day with ALL the girls! Linds had the day off of school, and the rest of us didn’t have to work! So K came up here and we just had a grand old time.

We spent most of the day at mom’s house, just having coffee and chatting. Which is what we always do, and we always love it. My mom said I couldn’t come over unless I wore cute maternity clothes (athletic clothes and stretchy pants are COMFY, OK!?!?) so I dragged my behind out of bed a little early so I could look the part. Of course, mom didn’t tell me that everyone else was going to be in their PJ’s and comfy clothes, though. No fair!










We didn’t have much on our ‘to-do’ list for the day, which is what we had planned on 🙂 However, K and I did want to make something together for the blog since we were actually together in the kitchen. We decided on Tiramisu… and learned some invaluable lessons.

1.) We love to bake. We love to cook. We wish we lived closer, but we now understand why we are better at cooking in different kitchens and different towns. WE DISTRACT EACH OTHER. We do not focus on making food.

2.) I would like to reiterate: we distract each other.

3.) We owe Pioneer Woman an apology for botching her recipe. Sorry, Ree. It was our fault, not yours. We would like to apologize by inviting ourselves over for Tiramisu at your place. Anytime works for us.

4.) Get your ingredients ahead of time so you don’t spend half the day looking for ladyfingers and Marsala wine.

There are a few of our favorite things 🙂 And by the way, we still had a TON of fun! We did go to a bunch of different stores looking for ingredients, but of course we had a ball doing so. By the time we got home, we were ready to get going on this delicious Italian favorite.










Mom, K, and I all fluttered around the kitchen barking out directions, snatching spoons and whisks from each other, comparing notes on how we should be doing certain techniques (Mom winning everytime) and trying to carry on conversation the whole time.










All was going well until… I started whipping the cream and started telling a story about how once I almost overwhipped the cream and almost made butter!? Oh my! Ironically… as I was telling this little story, I overwhipped the stinkin’ cream. Error numero uno. (we didn’t have extra cream to try again.)

We decided to forge on, bravely. This can still turn out, guys! No big deal!

Then as we started to layer the ladyfingers with the marscapone mixture and espresso/wine mixture. And K was so busy talking that she forgot to soak a layer of the ladyfingers with the espresso. Twice. The first time, we were able to scrape off the marscapone and soak the ladyfingers, then reapply the marscapone, but the second time, just totally forgot. Error numero dos. Half the ladyfingers stayed crunchy for the final product.

“It will still turn out!!” we said. “It will taste okay, still!” we said.

Not so. Again, Ree, it wasn’t a problem with your recipe. It was us. Guilty.

Mom looking to see if she has Marsala wine… K forseeing mom falling.











We just forged on and finished the poor dessert and stuck it in the fridge to soften and develop the flavors… and recover from us totally mutilating it. That poor Italian dessert… look what happens when these Americans think they can handle fancy desserts. Pish posh. I’m sorry, Ms. Tiramisu… we just wanted to tryyyy…..

Ok, pulling myself together now. A dear friend of mine came by later that night to browse through wedding magazines with me and my sisters- and she decided to try the Tiramisu with us also. This was her first time meeting my mom and sisters and we officially invited her to be part of our family. Totally fit right in!

And what do we do to welcome her? Make her eat grainy, crunchy Tiramisu. Your welcome, Renae. You are free to decline the invitation to our family. We are not usually like this.










We all picked at the edges, mostly out of duty to endure what we spend half the day making. But you know what? That’s the kitchen for ya! Everything doesn’t always turn out, and that is A-OK! Mostly.

If you’ve had good tiramisu, you’d probably be a little peeved that you had looked forward to it ALL day and didn’t get the good stuff at the end of all that work. Hypothetically. Not like I was disappointed or anything.

But at the end of the day, we had a great time together, we attempted a somewhat challenging recipe, and my sisters now have met one of my good friends from around here!

All in a day’s work.



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