Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend was one of those fantastically busy weekends with tons of ‘friend-time’ jammed in- and I loved every minute of it!

We got to celebrate a friend’s engagement at the Sequoia Brewery on Saturday….

( you have no idea how many pictures we had to take to get one where Curtis would be serious.

(Which means I got to try out a new outfit….)

Scuse the awesome public restroom photo backdrop

Suuuper cute silk blouse (see the tiny cutouts on the bottom?!) which I totally scored on major clearance at Marshall’s ($8.99) along with a black blazer which is my current favorite clothing item, which I’ve already ‘over worn’ (is that a word?). Anyways, I’ve worn it like 3 times in 4 days….maybe I’ll let it rest for a minute….:)

Then, I got to hang out with all my peeps from back home as well at a Partylite party where my friend Ashley made the most delectable flourless chocolate cakelets…..


I’m waiting on the actual recipe, but in a nutshell, its a mini flourless chocolate cupcake with homemade whipped cream and a blackberry garnish.

With such a yummy end to last week (or would that be beginning of this week?) I now have a hankering to test a recipe that I will keep secret for the moment….but it’s gonna be awesome. Just you wait.




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