Showered with Love

I cannot believe the weather we have been having. It is… amazing. Rain showers = happy Monica. I can’t wait ’til I can snuggle with my little baby on days like these, but that lil kiddo is just fine hanging out where he/she’s at right now, and I’m just fine with that too. For now.


Last week just after Thanksgiving, my sweet in-laws threw me a beautiful baby shower! Baby showers= excited Monica (and baby)! It was a morning shower, and truly the most fun and thoughtful party ever. It was amazing to feel all the love that’s already out there for our sweet lil peanut- I know I sound like a broken record… but I cannot WAIT until February.


Joey’s family mostly lives all around here, so it was a huge blessing to have most of the family there at the shower- it made for fun games and some major spoiling for me and baby Judah.


One of my favorite things about the shower was something my sister in law Debbie did for me, that someone had done for her at her baby shower. She gave everyone a slip of paper that had a prayer request and Bible verse on it for our baby- for example, one read, “Pray for Joey and Monica to raise Baby Vander Schaaf to be a godly person. ‘Your hands made Baby Vander Schaaf and formed him/her; give Baby VS understanding to learn your commands. May those who fear You rejoice when they see him/her, for he/she has put hope in Your Word.” Psalm 119:73-74


Obviously I didn’t make it through THAT without shedding some tears! It’s been such an amazing thing since the shower too, because I’ve had people send little emails and texts to say they’ve been praying their requests every morning for our baby- to have the knowledge that my friends and family are already praying so hard for our baby is truly a gift!


So, thanks for the beautiful shower- it was incredibly sweet and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. After all the gifts that were bestowed upon me, I truly feel ready for Baby VS’s arrival (for the most part…) and now all I can think is….hurry up Baby Judah! I want to meet you!


Love you all!



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