My First Stitchfix


Oh I’ve been so excited for this post!

Have you guys heard of Stitchfix yet? I was reading one of my favorite blogs a while back and she totally got me hooked.

How does it work? Every month, Stitchfix sends you a fun box of clothes and/or accessories that are geared towards your style and body type. Do any of you ever watch ‘What Not to Wear’? This is kind of like that… minus Clinton and Kelly (boo), and minus the trashing of your own poor closet. Aaaand you don’t get $5,000 to spend. SO basically not like the show at all. Anyways, you request an invitation and then fill out an extensive style questionnaire where you give information describing your body size, type, and your own personal style preferences. You also rate different outfits and describe what you would like to start incorporating more of into your wardrobe. After all that, you choose what kind of price range you are comfortable with for each type of item they send you. Totally awesome!

Also,  You can try all the clothes on in the comfort of your own home, and with other pieces of clothing you already have! And, you can model the outfits in front of a mirror that is honest with you, or your husband and three dogs. Whatever you want.

Best part? You keep what you love and send back what you don’t. They conveniently include a prepaid postage bag that you just toss whatever you don’t want to keep into and then send back at no charge! You only get charged for what you keep. It costs $20 to have your first Fix sent to you, but that money can be applied towards any items you decide to keep in the box. So, say you fall in love with a top that’s labeled as $58 in the box- it’s only $38 if you want to keep it. Awesome, huh? And if you decide to keep the whole box, they give you 25% off your whole order.

Stitchfix is pretty new, so it takes a while to ‘get accepted’ with a personal stylist- but here’s a personal invite to get started if you’re interested!

I am hardly a shopaholic- I was intrigued by this because 1. I am not a fan of going to the mall. 2. I tend to buy the same type of things all the time and never branch out. 3. I don’t live very close to any fun places to shop. All of these things are probably very good for my wallet, but sometimes I do wish shopping was more convenient and exciting!

And this way, you get an exciting box in the mail full of clothes that someone else picked out for you based on what YOU want- and no pressure to not hurt the saleslady’s feelings. Perf. And I LOVE love love surprises.

So without further ado, here’s what was in my box!!








My first reaction was a little disappointment. I was hoping for a lot more color and pattern diversity, since that’s what I always think I’m lacking… and this all seemed pretty bland and basic. But I forged on and tried them on anyway!

(Excuse the nerdy picture fashion show. But it’s kind crazy to see how things look so different when they are folded up or on a rack vs. on you!)

Photo 387


Another side note. I realize it’s crazy to try a personal styling service when you are 7 months pregnant and your body is nothing like it normally is. I’m already being patient in waiting to find out the sex of our baby, so there’s no patience left when it comes to trying other things. That being said, everything actually fit great!! The black skinny pants were a little hard to get on, but they were super stretchy and fit like a glove- Joey convinced me these would be worth keeping, and that’d I’d get back to my regular size after pregnancy so I’d be more comfortable in them later. He’s sweet.

Photo 390


Hey there, baby Judah!

The sweater was comfortable too, but I already had a black and white striped maternity sweater in my closet so I said no to this one.

Photo 382


This was easy for me to decline. I do not do the whole ‘short in front, long in back’ thing. At least to this degree- I kind of felt like I was wearing a droopy blanket. I tried adding some of my own accessories to improve the look…

Photo 386


And I like it a little better, but still not convinced. Onward we go!

Photo 393

This was a tunic sheath dress that they included because in my style survey, I mentioned wanting to wear dresses more often- and this dress was not what I expected, but I was surprised at how much I liked it once I put it on! It was incredibly comfortable, and very versatile- however, I’m not a big fan of cowl necks, and the back of this dress was cowled.

Photo 394


Eh. Maybe if I add a belt?

Photo 396


Better! I liked it more and more as I wore it, and that’s the whole point of this Stitchfix thing- try on something you normally wouldn’t! Broadening my style horizons…

Photo 375


And last but not least, the bib necklace- also grew to like this more as I wore it! I tried it on with one of my own shirts and thought if I had added a blazer and some cute heels, this would have been a great outfit! Minus the bed hair.

So I liked it, but I think I can find something similar to it for much cheaper elsewhere.

So out of my first fix, I ended up just keeping the black skinny pants and sent everything else back. I loved that with each piece they sent you, they included a tag with advice on how to wear the piece and what other clothes would look good with it!

Everything else I didn’t end up keeping, I just stuffed back into the bag and will drop it in the mail later today. SO that was my first fix! It was so fun to get a package in the mail full of different clothes and be surprised with new styles- I’m obsessed! And beats the travel time to the mall and crowded stores too. I won’t be doing this EVERY month, you have the option of scheduling one whenever you want- whether it be monthly or here and there.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes for you!!



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