Never Gets Old

Happy Monday!

I had a haaard time waking up this morning. Luckily I only live about 12 minutes from where I work, so rolling out of bed at 7:20 unfortunately does happen sometimes. I only had to work half the day today, so the rest of the day is free for finally changing my tires, and more importantly excitingly, my first session of prenatal yoga! I’ve been looking forward to this forever, so I’ll let you know how it goes- my flexibility leaves a lot to be desired these days.

My good friend Katy is training to be a yoga instructor, so it’ll be so fun to see her in action! We used to go to yoga/ the gym together every once in a while, but its been a while- time for some downward dog!


I started out this morning with the same breakfast I’ve been having every weekday for the past 3 months. Plain greek yogurt, fiber one cereal, and frozen bluebs (blueberries). Never gets old. I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe for an extra special Sunday morning breakfast treat from this past weekend!


Do any of you have a go-to breakfast?



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2 responses to “Never Gets Old

  1. Kerrisan Meyer

    I wish I ate a full breakfast every day. Instead I drink coffee and pretend to eat. It is a bad idea all together. By the time lunch rolls around I am so hungry that I eat my lunch like a ravenous wolf. My colleagues are highly entertained by it all, however, I just feel animalistic. I just cannot stop myself.


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