Breakfast on the Go

So I am making an attempt to eat breakfast every morning. It really is so hard for me to do- all I need is coffee to get moving and I am rarely hungry until about 11 am so I often skip ‘the most important meal of the day’. But M has always been on me to get my metabolism moving with some nutrients that will give me more energy than even coffee can. what!?! I don’t want to believe it. So I tried it along with my coffee today.


Super quick and easy and on the healthy side (I think) haha
Happy Friday!

Breakfast sandwich
Fry an egg however you like it, runny yolk is my fave. Salt and pepper it while in the pan. While that’s frying, toast an English muffin.
Set the egg aside and quickly prepare the toasted English muffin with some shredded asiago cheese, lettuce, and bruschetta (Kraft) dressing. Wrap that little bundle of yumminess up in a paper towel and get goin!! There. Metabolism boosted. 🙂

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