Grape Juice and Ice Cream.

I’m not joking. Weirdest-sounding but best-tasting dessert ever. Especially if it’s following a weekend of feeling under the weather and Christmas un-decorating.

Creamy, grape-y, and YUMmy

Creamy, grape-y, and YUMmy

Can this really be called a family recipe? I believe it’s been passed down a few generations and it has more than one ingredient….two, to be exact. Anyways, it’s one of those cool food items that has some familial attachments so….I’d like to pass it along to some others who may think that root beer is the only liquid you can pair with vanilla ice cream 🙂 Cuz it’s totally not.



Grape Floats


Vanilla Ice cream

Grape Juice (100% Grape Juice is best….I’ve tried cran grape, white grape, etc. and it’s just not the same.)


Carefully scoop a perfect orb of ice cream into a pretty bowl. Pour grape juice over ice cream and enjoy!


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  1. Kerrisan Meyer

    I love this combination! I always used to eat it when I was not feeling well. Mom “special” medicine. I almost forgot about how wonderful it is. Two more things to put on the shopping list!


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