I was on a walk with my 3 dogs the other day, soaking up the wonderful chilly weather and enjoying getting my legs moving. For the past few weeks, I haven’t been to the gym once, nor have I run. I’ll admit it’s driving me a little crazy… but surprisingly, I am mostly really enjoying it. I find myself enjoying the extra time I have around the house, and also the slightly more relaxed feel to the day.


Now that we are only a few weeks away from meeting our baby, walking is enough. I know there will be time for getting back into a more rigorous exercise routine after our baby is here! I’ve been tempted to take our jogging stroller with me a few times just to practice maneuvering it… haven’t yet though 😉 Slowing down has allowed me lots of time to reflect on how I spend my day, both now and how things will change when I am a mom. A while back, I started listening to podcasts of sermons and Christian radio shows while I went for my daily walk. Joey kept talking to me about different ideas and topics that he enjoyed listening to while on the tractor at work, mostly Chuck Missler, and his enthusiasm for the sermons prodded me to check it out- now I enjoy listening to Chuck, Focus on the Family, Dave Ramsey, and R.C. Sproul almost daily.

The time I spend on my walks listening to various topics about marriage, parenting, and Christian discipleship really has become something I look forward to everyday! Throughout the past few months, I’ve had days where I have wondered if I was truly ready for parenting– there are so many things I have yet to learn MYSELF! I have days where I can barely manage my OWN time well enough, let alone try to effectively raise a child on top of that! And days where my communication with God is shamefully minimal- but I want to raise my child to crave contact with God.


Believe me, the list went on… and on…and on.

Then I heard Chuck Missler through my headphones say something along the lines of, “Ambassadorship to the Lord does not ‘just happen’- it requires daily intention and discipleship.” I loved that! “Daily Intention” is so important- in any relationship- God, your spouse, friends, and your kids! I read somewhere that the behavior that we exhibit to our kids is 90% unintentional- so I want to make sure my unintentional behavior is something I want my kids to emulate.


A huge part of my ministry in the next few years is going to be my kids, just the thought of that brings a huge smile to my face (and possibly some tears, thanks hormones..) and I’m so thankful for a gracious God that is there to be the Ultimate Parent!

Thanks for listening to my heart today, guys. As you can see, I am no expert on life, but pray that God will still bless my efforts 🙂


P.S. My sister-in-law tweeted a fantastic book list to me a few days back with a host of resources for Motherhood and the ministry you can have at home- check it out!


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