Crab Salad {on Dutch Crunch Rolls}


You should know that I have had this for 4 out of 6 meals this past weekend. It’s just so dang good.


As you can probably tell from the above picture, I must admit this is not real crab meat. As it is so eloquently labeled, this recipe is made with only the finest ‘imitation crab meat’. How’s that for gourmet? I’m sure you could make it with real crab, in fact, it’d probably improve an already amazing thing. But I’m gonna stick to what I know, and for the sake of ease, buy the packaged stuff. You won’t mind, I’m willing to bet.


I’m just excited because I finally have something I can do with CELERY. Am I the only one that buys celery every time I’m at the grocery store with the good intention of making myself snack on it more, then never touch it until the ends are soggy and smell funky? Please tell me I’m not alone in this. It’s just so stringy and sad by itself… it’s easy to avoid.

For once, the more celery in this salad, the better! It’s the perfect crunchy texture, and the flavor pairs perfectly with the crab- makes it taste light and fresh! Actually, this salad is very light- crab weighs in at merely 90 calories per half cup, and the rest of the ingredients are veggies, besides the mayo. And I use only 2 Tbsp of the light stuff, so this is a great midday filler! (**warning: do NOT use greek yogurt as a sub for the mayo. You will regret it.**) Ye have been warned!


The one other thing you should know about this crab salad, is that it is best showcased on a Dutch Crunch roll. These are usually sold at most grocery stores with a bakery- I was lucky enough to be shopping at Winco the other day right when they pulled a fresh batch out of the ovens. Hallelujah! I had been distraught because the bin where the dutch rolls usually were was empty and I was faced with the choice of either buying a huge bag of like 3 million Dutch crunch rolls for $4 (literally we would probably eat 4 rolls and have to throw the rest away to waste) ~OR~ heaven forbid, just buy regular rolls of the UN-Dutch Crunch variety and be let down. Thankfully, I didn’t have to choose either of those options because they put all the fresh warm ones into the bin as I was  anxiously debating.



And THEN, after all that hullaballoo about the Dutch Crunch rolls, I FORGOT one when I packed my lunch for work this past weekend and was so desperate for a worthy roll on which to put my crab salad, that I went to the nearest Subway and begged them to sell me the Italian Herbs and Cheese bread, just the bread. (Just so you know, they don’t do that. So I ordered a ‘Veggie Delite’ sandwich with just lettuce and they just charged me $2, how nice!) And know what? It was still delish. I definitely got some weird looks from the staff- ‘lady, you’re pregnant- all you want is a lettuce sandwich??’ Little did they know, I had crab in my purse. HA! Anyhow, moral of the story, go for the Dutch Crunch- this is a Dutch sisters blog, you know. Represent!


Crab Salad

one recipe makes enough for 6-7 sandwiches


1 package Imitation Crab meat, shredded

1 head of celery, chopped thinly

1 bunch of green onions, chopped

2-3 TBSP light mayonnaise

Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, to taste


Rinse crab meat under cool water, then put in stand mixer on med-high speed to shred. (This is the method I found easiest to shred the meat- the fork method does not work). After crab is shredded, add the chopped green onion, celery, and mayo. Mix on low for  30 sec until evenly combined. Salt to taste.

Scoop generously onto a Dutch Crunch roll and enjoy!



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6 responses to “Crab Salad {on Dutch Crunch Rolls}

  1. Kerrisan Meyer

    This sounds so yummy. I bet a little lemon would go far in this recipe. Instead of adding lemon juice, which could cause the entire salad to become too soggy – try sticking celery sticks into water with salt and lemon juice. The celery drinks that stuff up! So now, not only do you have the lovely crunch of celery, but it also serves as a delightful seasoning! I do this often for my Chicken Salad recipe.


  2. Kerr, that sounds like an awesome idea! I’ve never tried that before- and that method sounds really smart. That’s one of the things I love about this salad, is that it’s not soggy at all. Would you share that chicken salad recipe? 😉


  3. Looks delicious!
    Also thanks Kerrisan for celery lemon trick!


  4. Miranda

    I’m a little confused by this as the recipe says to add onion and green onion but regular onion is not on the ingredients list. Also, the recipe doesn’t say when to add mayo but I’m assuming it’s added when celery and onions are added. Just want to make sure that it requires both a yellow or white (?) onion and green onions as well. Looks amazing though!


  5. Thanks for pointing that out! That was a typo on my part 🙂 There is no regular onion in the recipe- just green onion. I think I meant to type MAYO when I wrote onion! Thanks Miranda, hope you like it! Check out the comments for some more good flavor ideas 😉


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