37 weeks = Full Term Baby!



Sometimes it seems like just last week that we found out that I was pregnant- and now actually holding our baby is just a couple weeks away!! (Or anytime, really…) AAAaah! 37 weeks is considered full-term, so if I have this baby TONIGHT it would be fine. Anyone have a trampoline I could play on for a while?

I know the longer the baby stays in there, the better. So I’m fine with waiting a weeee bit longer for him/her to come out… but again, anytime is fine with me now.

I had two baby showers in the past two weeks, one was with my sweet coworkers at a restaurant close to our clinic- it was so fun! The past 8-9 months, they have been guessing whether it is going to be a boy or a girl, and so far the overwhelming opinion is BOY.



This cake had cool whip frosting. SO bomb.

This cake had cool whip frosting. SO bomb.

And then this past weekend, my mom and sisters threw me a shower too! Since a lot of my extended family lives in the Midwest, they weren’t able to come, but since we moved here 15 years ago, we have established a “Ripon Family” of friends that has totally made us feel like actual family! It’s a total blessing.




K made the super cute table cloth- the colors for the shower were the cutest ‘gender-neutral’ colors ever! Aqua and orange-ish. And the CUPCAKES!!




People are so creative, it’s crazy. Anyways, both the showers were so thoughtful and to spend time with people that I’ve cared about for years is always a huge treat. Not to mention the major spoiling that went on during these get-togethers- Joey and I are pretty sure we have everything (and more) that we need to care for this lil peanut. Thanks so much everyone, we are so grateful and excited!!

One of my favorite things about the shower was that my mom and sister had some of the guests email their favorite Bible verse that pertained to children, and then they took those verses and put them on a canvas for me to hang in baby’s room- things like that are absolutely priceless. God has been so good to give us such an incredible community to help raise our child!

Lots of people have been asking me if anything has changed lately with how I’m feeling, or what my plans are for work after the baby so here’s a little Q&A for ya!

How far along now? 37 weeks!

Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? The overwhelming majority of people think it’s a boy- which makes me think it’s a girl. I have NO idea. But in case anyone was wondering… I LOVE the suspense of not knowing!

Maternity clothes? Course. However, I guess I am starting to look forward to wearing regular clothes again… I went through a phase where I was positive that I would never want to wear anything but maternity pants again. Phase = over.

Stretch marks? Still none!

Sleeping well? A little less well lately, I probably wake up 4-5 times throughout the night. But practice makes perfect! I’ve heard it’s good prep for the sleepless nights ahead 🙂

Movement? Pretty sure we have a Taikwon Do (sp?) master in there- my ribs are taking a beating!

Any cravings? As you guys all saw, I finally got my frozen yogurt. Other than that, just eating more of food in general.

Are you still working? Yes, but much less. I work per diem for a rural health center, and already get to choose my days so that has been great to scale back a bit. My last day is next Tuesday!

Are you going to keep working after the baby is born? How much time are you going to take off?

We are going to play this one by ear! Like I said, I am already ‘per diem’ status, so I could choose to go back full time if needed, or I could work as little as once every month. I plan to keep working as a nurse while we have kids, but the frequency is something that we will decide as needed. That being said, I am SO looking forward to a couple months off to devote completely to my family.

Still exercising? Trying to walk between 3-6 miles most days, and maybe I’ll start jogging (or trying to) a little more now that baby is full term…


One more fun thing to share with ya’ll- so I subscribed to the weekly updates on your baby’s progress that you can receive via email once we found out I was pregnant, and apparently my mom did too. She started personalizing each email for me and texting me ‘her version’ of the email every week, and it has been a huge highlight of the past 9 months! (She also thinks of a new name for baby each week, and changes the gender)

Here’s the ’37 week’ one from my mom:

“Ok… full term… really??? Wow! 6 1/3 pounds and 19 inches long- this guy is ready to come out of the oven! But wait- you have always like things extra crispy so don’t be surprised if Jeremiah Joseph decides to bake a little longer…”

Isn’t my mom awesome?


Have a great Tuesday! I have a great recipe coming up for you guys in a couple days!



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3 responses to “37 weeks = Full Term Baby!

  1. Grandma

    Grandpa and I can hardly wait to know if we will have five great-granddaughters or four and one special boy. Love you lots.


  2. I’m so ready to meet that little guy or gal!!! And you look AMAZING!! Love you!


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