A Sew-Sew Week

WHEW! I forgot how exhausting being in school is. It’s been so-so due to busi-ness and to-do lists and meetings with counselors and getting back in the swing of things (I’m getting out of breath just typing all that) and ‘sew-sew’ because M re-taught me how to use my sewing machine!

She solved a huge problem for me in doing this. I have been searching for years, and I do mean years, for the perfect leather messenger bag. Perfect for M and me when shopping has always been a combination of price and style. The ones I always love style-wise are insanely expensive and the perfectly priced ones aren’t what I’m looking for style-wise. PLUS it has to fit my 17″ laptop. Blah.

So I made my own! It took forever, but I finally have my bag!

I found a really beautiful patterned leather that happened to be 70% off at Joann Fabric Store.

Pretty pretty!

Pretty pretty!

…and I already had this awesome chevron pattern, which M, Little Sis, and I are all obsessed with.


And voila! And that is how you save mucho dinero.



See the cute lining?

See the cute lining?

I am very happy with it and I cannot wait to bust it out at school next week 🙂

I was ‘sew’ excited (last pun, I promise) about this messenger bag, that I busted out a small satchel for everyday use too….

Perfect for keys wallet and phone!

Perfect for keys wallet and phone!

and it here's that chevron peekaboo again :)

and it here’s that chevron peekaboo again 🙂

My next project is clothing- BABY CLOTHES!! My niece or nephew is gonna have some cute stuff 🙂 By the way, I think it’s a boy. I don’t know why….but I do! I can’t wait to find out for sure though 😉




Instructions for Messenger Bag

(Please excuse my amateur grammar and instructions)

-1 yard outer fabric of your choice (if you want a leather or leather-type fabric, choose the thinnest you can find unless you have a heavy duty sewing machine)

-1 yard flannel or interfacing

-1 yard fabric for lining

**1 yard will give you leftovers, I just wanted to make sure I would have a little extra for reassurance**

-a sewing machine

-thread that matches your fabrics


-scissors or a rotary cutter


**This is the size I needed, adjust yours as you like**

Cut a 17 x 38 inch rectangle of each fabric, layering them with the outer layer facedown, flannel in the middle, and inner lining on top, face up. Pin the layers together, then run all the edges through the machine, using a straight stitch. This part of the bag is the front, bottom, back and flap. Now cut two rectangles of the outer layer material 4 x 10 inches. These are the side pieces that give the bag depth, and keep it from being an envelope style.


Keeping the bag inside out, sew the side pieces seam to seam.


So that when you turn it right side out, it looks like this!IMG_0983

Finish the flap of the bag by running it through the maching with a zigzag stitch.

To make a strap, I used a 50 x 4″ piece of the outer material, folded in half with a piece of the flannel (a 2″ piece) in between. I used a straight stitch all the way down.

To attach it to the bag, put one end of the strap 3 inches down into the inside of the side piece and run it through the machine using the zigzag stitch. use that stitch two times, once near the top and once near the bottom, doubling over just to be safe. Do the same thing on the other side of the bag with the other end of the strap.


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