A New Puppy!

To be clear, this is K speaking. Not M, the one who already has 3 dogs.

Curtis and I finally got a puppy! When I say finally, I mean he’s been begging for years and I’ve always said ,’ No, I’m not really much of a pet person.’ Now we have an indoor dog who is allowed on the bed. And I love it! I used to tease M all the time about how she spoils her dogs and would let them in the house, etc. She would tell me to get a dog myself and then I would understand…..I refused to believe her.

His name is Jasper 🙂

Look at those wrinkles!

Look at those wrinkles!

Sometimes his facial expressions make him a candidate for those lovely ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan even though I carry him around like he’s a baby.

And I know M still has a smirk on her face even while reading this, and is saying ‘I told you so’. YOU WIN, M, YOU WIN.


P.S. He sleeps in the weirdest positions sometimes…

That's not a stretch, that's him completely asleep.

That’s not a stretch, that’s him completely asleep.


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