The Final Countdown- 39 weeks

Well good morning to you too!



He’s my lil baby dog- all our dogs have this strange habit of loving to sleep on chairs. Even when they are slightly too large to be doing so. I think it’s funny though, so I’ll allow it!

Well here we are at 39 weeks!



I am so ready to go. (Thanks for putting up with all these selfies and toilet-in-the-background-pictures, we’re almost done, promise!) I just can’t believe that in the next week or so, Joey and I will finally be holding our baby! The excitement in this house is totally palpable- boy or girl?? Will he/she look more like me or dad?? Hair? Countless other questions as well, but regardless of what the answers are- we are so incredibly grateful to God that we have been so blessed with this gift of a baby and we already love this kiddo almost more than we can stand it!

I was planning on getting Joey a baby for Valentine’s Day, but I have this nagging feeling that baby wants to cook a little more first… so maybe I’ll make him these instead?

Anyways, I’m hoping this is the last update before we have some big news for you all, so here goes!

How far along now? 39 weeks

Boy or girl? We’re kind of convinced it’s a boy now…

Maternity clothes? Yes, but mostly just athletic comfy clothes. Yoga pants are the best.

Stretch marks? Woohoo! Still clear!

Sleeping well? Pretty well! I wake up at 4:30 or 5 most mornings now because I just can’t sleep anymore- sometimes due to baby practicing gymnastics, sometimes just because that’s when my body decided to be awake.

Movement? Lots of it- it’s pretty amazing how many different shapes my belly can assume.

Still working? Nope, I am done working until I decide to return to work after baby is born. The first few days off work were confusing to me- I wasn’t sure what to do, but now I have found my rhythm and have been keeping quite busy. On the plus side, this house has never been cleaner!

Still exercising? Yup, still walking lots. Occasionally I jog part of each mile I walk, but that totally depends on how I feel that day. Walking is pretty much it though- does cleaning count? Or prepping freezer meals?

Getting nervous for delivery? I have some moments where I let my mind go crazy with all the things that could go wrong, but then I remember that God is in control, and no matter how much I worry- it won’t change that He’s got us in His hand. I look around and think, every person I see had to be born, so I’m sure I can handle whatever situation occurs. Especially with Joey right there with me. (That being said, I’m not opposed to an epidural. Like, at all.)

What are you most looking forward to after baby is born, besides the baby (obviously)? You know, nothing has been too hard to give up food-wise during pregnancy.. I do miss having a glass of wine with Joey or friends on occasion, as well as full- caff coffee every morning. And full-fledged workouts… but I’ve also really enjoyed being at home more and the gym not as much. So, some changes I had to make might be here to stay! I am probably most looking forward to not constantly worrying if what I ate/drank/how I moved affected the baby without me realizing.

What will you miss about being pregnant? I know holding our baby will be infinitely more amazing than feeling the kicks and movement inside, but wow. Nothing has been more amazing so far than knowing God created women to bear children and equipped their bodies to nourish and grow another human life… feeling that life everyday has been life-changing.

Well I’m off to my doctor’s appointment in a little bit here… hoping for some good news! Maybe delivery is closer than I think?…


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