Lemon Butter Salmon

So I get a text from my hubby on Valentine’s Day-

Hubby: There’s a big seafood sale going on today….do you want me to get some?

Me: Um…..YEAH

Hubby: Ok, what do you want?

Me: Whatever sounds good to you!


Hubby: I got some salmon.

At this point I’m wondering what kind of trickery is going on. This guy sees shrimp as an appetizer and just barely tolerates fish when I serve it for dinner- what made him choose salmon?

I still don’t know. I just decided to take the salmon and run with it before Curtis changed his mind and went back for red meat.


love salmon. It’s extremely healthy, delicious, and still very filling! I have never made it before in my own home, however, so this recipe was very simple and came from what I had in the fridge.



A lemon, some bay leaves, a little garlic, S&P, and butter and we are good to go!

Curtis is completely converted, by the way.

Especially since dinner for two on Valentine’s Day was only $4.99!!



P.S. I’m holding out for a baby to come TODAY!!! Fingers crossed!!!!

Lemon Butter Salmon


– a salmon fillet

– 2 lemons, sliced

– 2 TBSP butter, sliced

– S&P to taste

– 1 TBSP garlic

– 5 Bay leaves


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. On a cookie sheet, lay out enough tin foil to completely wrap all the ingredients. Lay the sliced lemons first, then sprinkle the garlic and lay the bay leaves on top of that. Rest the salmon on top skin-side down and add the S&P. Finally, lay each slice of butter on the top of the salmon. Wrap all this tightly in the tin foil and bake for about 25-35 minutes, depending on the size of your salmon fillet. Mine was 1 pound, for about 35 minutes.

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