Still Comfortable… and Crockpot Beer French Dip




We’re still here! Last week, I was hoping to write my last pregnancy update, but  40 weeks today, this baby still feels pretty comfortable in there. Despite my miles of walking, my vigorous cleaning, my rampant pineapple-eating, Target trips, spicy food, and countless other things, I am not holding our baby just yet.

Patience is a virtue! Strangely enough… I am more patient this week than I was 4 weeks ago. I don’t know how to explain that one, but it’s true.

I’m still feeling good, my back is more achy and I get tired a lot faster than previously- but from what I’ve deduced from other momma’s, I don’t feel…”done” yet. So maybe I’ll need to stay busy for a little while longer….

OR we can just sit and enjoy this ah-mazing crockpot French Dip together and dream of babies?!? Deal.



Last week I went into a bit of a food-prep frenzy with my mom- we browned over 6 pounds of ground turkey/beef, made enough chili to feed 30 people (or Joey and I), and made 4 different crockpot meals, as well as prepared shredded pork tenderloin and beef. Basically, we are set with the proteins in our meals for the next couple months.



I had set out a big ol’ chuck roast to thaw overnight, and after preparing about a million pounds of other meat, it was all I could do to toss this baby into the crockpot. I tossed some beef broth in there, with some salt & pepper… and then I saw an old lonely can of Coors Light way in the back of our fridge and decided to toss that in there too.

Best decision EVER.


Seriously- I’ve made French Dip before, but this one was over the top juicy and fabulous. I put it in the crockpot overnight on low, and it’s the weirdest thing to wake up to the smell of French Dip. It’s even weirder to have it for breakfast. Don’t judge.

Well, my little baby has treated me so well these past 40 weeks and now it’s time to go to the doc and see if he/she is thinking about meeting us in person yet. Most people are betting on this weekend- which would be hilarious because since high school, there has always been a reason I can’t make it to the Almond Blossom Parade. Mock Trial competitions, gone at college, you name it. Maybe the newest reason will be our first baby!

Fine by me.


P.S. Thanks for all the prayers and sweet texts about Baby VS- maybe that’s why I’m more patient, knowing that God has already chosen the time that we’ll get to meet our baby and it’s not up to me to rush it! I’m fine with whatever, as long as Baby Judah is healthy and happy.

P.P.S. Having said that… PLEASE LET THIS BE THE LAST UPDATE!!!!!


Crockpot Beer French Dip

1 beef chuck roast

1 cup water + 2 beef boullion cubes dissolved

1 can any type of beer

Salt and Pepper


Let roast thaw as much as possible before setting in crockpot. Mine was partially still frozen- the only thing you’ll need to adjust is the amount of time in the pot before it shreds easily.

Dissolve two boullion in 1 cup water, add to crockpot. Generously salt and pepper the roast, and place in pot, along with one can of beer.

Set crockpot timer to 8 hours on low- if you are doing this overnight and the timing isn’t just right, your crockpot will switch to ‘warm’ after the cooktime and keep the meat at a safe temp. until you are able to unplug it.

Shred with forks, and enjoy on toasted Hoagie buns! Joey and I love to dip the sandwiches in the juice (Au jus) of the meat that is left in the crockpot. 🙂




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One response to “Still Comfortable… and Crockpot Beer French Dip

  1. I now know what I am doing with the Chuck Roast in my freezer, this looks amazing Monica!
    P.S. Your little boy will be in your arms soon, and I cannot wait to meet him! I say him because I’m fairly certain you’re having a boy 🙂


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