How is it that I have time to feed a newborn 8-10 times a day but hardly manage to fit meals in for myself?


11:15 First meal of the day- toasted muesli, frozen bluebs/Raspberries/blackberries, plain Greek yogurt


snack: Dried Strawberries ( I deem this recipe a Pinterest fail. After 3 1/2 hours in the oven, these were still not chewy and dried like the recipe made it sound! These would probably need 8-12 hours at 210 degrees, with the door cracked open to let the steam out.) Still kinda tasty though!

My hair appointment went pretty well yesterday- got my hair chopped!! Leaving Gabs was hard, but I left her in the care of my mom (who happens to be a pediatric nurse, and conveniently studying Pediatric Advanced Life Support with me ) and I figured babysitters don’t get much more qualified than that. Gabby slept the entire time I was gone, making me feel like I didn’t miss too much of her sweet little life while I was gone- whew 🙂

As if leaving her once wasn’t enough, we ended up making some last minute plans with some close friends to go out for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate a late birthday/end of grad school classes/brother being home- meaning we utilized my mom as a babysitter AGAIN… twice in one day. We were only gone 2.5 hours, but this time I cried when we left her. We had a great time going out (I enjoyed my first glass of wine in almost 11 months AND we got free dessert because our waiter threw away my *two bites* of leftovers I had asked them to box up- SCORE!) but I had a hard time getting my mind off of getting back to Gabriella. Again, she slept the whole time we were gone- seems like she didn’t miss us too much! Afterwards, we picked her up and then continued on to game night at our house!


Apparently everyone is thinking real hard about their next move…


Back to today.. More studying, naptime, then a walk! Gabs loves the jogging stroller, which makes me a happy momma!

All the girls out on a walk! Gabs, me and Jaz

All the girls out on a walk! Gabs, me and Jaz



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