Win some, learn some.

My little sweetheart is ONE MONTH OLD today.



I was up with her at 2:30 this morning and thinking, ‘Almost exactly 4 weeks ago, I was just about to meet you!’ And then of course I had a couple ‘mom tears’ and made her stay awake until 2:38 so I could give her a kiss the exact minute that I heard her cry for the first time. This little girl has completely stolen my heart.

It’s been fun to think back on the past few weeks and see how much has already changed since then! We’ve gone from being (quite honestly) terrified of being home alone with her for the first time, to feeling like we are finally getting the hang of the parenting thing and LOVING it. Even the moments where I just want to cry because I’m so tired, because I know it’s the best reason I’ve ever had for being so tired!

That being said, Gabs is an excellent sleeper- in fact, she gave me a little present last night! We only woke up once (at 2:30) during the night! This momma is feeling very rested and ready to celebrate Gabby’s ‘one month’ day!



I know I’ve spent most of my time on the blog now talking about how much I love motherhood and what a wonderful experience it’s been- and it HAS. My life has never felt more purposeful. On the flip side, here’s a story just to show ya that I’m keepin’ it real.


Our church has a wonderful system set up where they will bring meals to parents with newborns. We had someone volunteer to bring us a meal the week we got home from the hospital, and she said she’d be here around 5:30. I was determined to be ready to receive the meal with a happy baby at that time, so I timed out that I’d feed Gabs around 5 and have her changed and sweet-smelling beforehand. 5:15 rolled around, Gabs had eaten and I was burping her- when all of the sudden… the blowout of the century occurred. I’m talkin’ this poop went through two layers of onesies and onto MY clothes. So I quickly knelt on the floor to change her, stripped her poopy clothes off and then the doorbell rang. There I was with a naked and poopy little baby, and the doorbell kept ringing! I quickly wiped her clean, had no clean clothes on hand to change her into, so I ran with her naked little body to the door to receive our guests. And there they were, a sweet lady from our church and her grandson with a beautiful tray of food, complete with a vase of flowers! I was about to invite them in, when our biggest dog Samson BARGED between them INTO the house. (He is NOT an indoor dog). He started running around the house, getting the furniture dirty and the sweet little boy was chasing him around trying to help get him out of the house, but it only made Samson more excited! I grabbed a blanket to wrap around my still naked darling, and tried to help get the dog out, but finally just surrendered and let him stay inside while I tried to make conversation with Gail and act like I was still somewhat in control. She was so sweet, and while her grandson played with Samson, she held Gabs for a bit and we talked. It wasn’t until after they left that I looked down and realized…Ā my shirt was still rolled up (chest covered, thank the Lord) from feeding Gabs, and there was a GIANT poop stain on my abdominal binder that I was wearing to splint my incision.Ā 

Hoooly balls. Thank you, Lord, for teaching me humility. Needless to say, I threw Samson out the door maybe a little too forcefully, changed Gabby into some clean clothes, and called that wonderful woman immediately to have a good laugh with her and thank her for the beautiful meal she brought us.




Here’s to motherhood- the good, the bad, and the ugly, and lovin’ every minute of it.


(Last night we celebrated Passover with some of our family- it was Gabs’ first Passover and we’re pretty sure she loved it. Stay tuned for the deets!)



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4 responses to “Win some, learn some.

  1. tdjandersont

    LOL!! Parenting is one big humility lesson, that’s for sure! You are too funny!


  2. This is hilarious.. and also makes me feel slightly better for the few times my clothes have been in disarray without me realizing until after. šŸ˜‰ You’re doing a great job! We need to come visit soon!


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