Happy Birthday to our ‘not so baby’ sister!

Well, we can’t believe this day is actually here…

Linds is 18 (!!!)- seems like just yesterday we were getting home from preschool and begging mom to let us cuddle with her on the couch!

Lindsey is the baby in the family… which means she has had her two older brothers and two older sisters bossing her around her whole life. While it was is probably annoying, we do it because we love her. Totes justified.


… did you know her favorite candy growing up was those chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil?


… or that her favorite thing to play when she was little was ‘Tea Party” with the little tea sets our parents got us from England?


… she has about a million different funny faces


…and those pink boots of yours totally stole our hearts!


While we loved the ‘little’ Lindsey, we realize you’ve grown up (though technically still ‘little’ at 5 foot 2 inches)- and we just keep on lovin’ you more and more, and always will.

To our goofy and totally awesome little sister…

Happy, Happy Birthday. Praying that God guides those little feet of yours through your whole life- and know that you’ve always got your siblings right there with ya!

Love, K&M


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One response to “Happy Birthday to our ‘not so baby’ sister!

  1. Deedee Stoker

    Happy Birthday Lindsey!!!!hope you have a wonderful day!!!this is how we remember you!!!!cutest little girl.\


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