Gabriella’s day at the zoo

If I were to explain from Gabby’s perspective how her day at the zoo was, she would say, “We went where??”



The cutie pie slept the whole entire time! Except for when we were in the reptile house… we think she may have glimpsed the poisonous dart frogs when we walked through, so for now, we have deemed the poisonous frog her favorite animal. (We need another zoo trip so we can change that…)



It was nerve-racking at first to go somewhere that seemed so far away with Gabby, but we’re so glad we did! It was such a fun time for all of us. Unfortunately, Joey had to work so he missed out but we are already planning our next outing to the Oakland Zoo.



The above picture is probably the best photo to describe how the day went- Grandma was off in her own little world with her granddaughter and the rest of us trailed behind, trying to keep up!





We grabbed lunch at the Lemur Cafe on the zoo campus and that ended up taking a big chunk out of the time we had at the zoo! Long lines= no bueno. However we grabbed our clam chowder bread bowls, and enjoyed a little time off of our feet!



As you can see, I’ve converted all my sisters into Camelbak believers. Have you gotten yours yet?

Anyways, we really had such a great time altogether! I absolutely loved experiencing the zoo with my daughter, and I can’t wait until she’s older and she can see all the different animals and we can see her reaction- Joey and I both think that vacations will be twenty times more fun now- harder, yes- but so much more fun to watch Gabby take everything in.



Also! You guys won’t believe this, but…



Gabs saw her first unicorn at the SF Zoo. In fact… we all did.

Ok, it wasn’t a unicorn. The poor guy lost one of his horns, but according to lore, he meets all the storybook criteria of being magical!

We’ll take it!




After walking all day, some of the crew was pretty exhausted on the way home.



Both Gabs and Linds were fast asleep the whole way! I was stuck in the back with these party poopers, so I just talked with mom and K on the way home 😉

Now we are enjoying a relaxing day at home and thinking its time to bake some goodies… We’ll be back!



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