Stitchfix returns!


Ahhh… my first post-pregnancy STITCHFIX! Happy dance time.



I have to say, round 2 of Stitchfix was much more exciting (style-wise) for me than the first one! The first one was exciting and I ended up keeping the skinny black pants, but I was disappointed in the lack of color. They asked my opinion of that first box, and I told them I was hoping for more pizzazz next time- and PIZZAZZ is what I got!


First up: a cute chevron maxi dress. Loved loved loved this! The pattern was very cute and definitely something I would wear- at least I thought before I tried it on. Unfortunately, there was no ‘stretch’ to this dress, and that is a must for me in the maxi dress dept. It was diffficult to take more than a small step in this beautiful dress because there was no slit in the bottom… bummed. DECISION: nay, due to lack of stretch. 

**( No modeling by me this time. I would have, but by the time I was able to really look through this box, it was day 3 and if you don’t have the clothes you don’t want back in the mail by the end of day 3, they assume you love the whole box and kept it. In this case, a $250 dollar mistake I can’t afford to make! So, this was a ‘rushed-quick-try-this-on-while-Gabs-takes-a-catnap-and -my-hair-is disheveled’ fashion show that I will spare you)


Item numero DOS: plaid chiffon button-down blouse. I am probably the happiest girl alive with the incoming of the ‘airy & loose-fitting chiffon blouse’ trend going on right now. I tend to steer clear of tight-fitting shirts and go for the comfort of the flowy tops- so I loved this blouse. The pattern was unlike anything I would normally choose for myself- which is what stitchfix is for! To help you step out of the box a bit, clothes-wise. I loved the fit and pattern more and more as time passed, but alas… DECISION: nay, because I liked the FOLLOWING shirt better!


…another chiffon top in a peacock-inspired pattern, with a tie-front. I tried this on, and it took a long time for me to take it off because it was SO comfortable and cute! In fact… it goes perfectly with the black pants I kept from the previous Stitchfix! Maybe a sign that I was supposed to keep this top? I hope so because… Decision: MINE!


Next up: bright orange/coral sweater- this was also a sheer top that would still be breezy enough to wear on a cool summer day (whenever those occur…) and I really liked this top too. It seemed like it would be a little prone to getting stretched out after a few washes, but other than that I really liked this as well! I was on the fence for a while with this one, but eventually decided to pass. Decision: not this time. 

IMG_5527Last but not least: statement necklace in mint! You guys know how much I love these- but I decided not to even try this on because I already have a necklace almost identical to this one. And I didn’t want to like this one better than the one I already had and let greedy Monica overtake ‘sensible’ Monica. Sensible Monica must survive. But it’s so cuuuute…. No. Not this time. Decision: pleeease? No. You already have something just like it. 

So I ended up keeping one item (the cute peacock top) and tossed the rest back into the pre-addressed and prepaid mailing bag and rushed it back to the post office to keep the deadline! I easily could have kept more from this box, but  I decided to keep the one thing I liked the most and limit myself so that future stitchfixes can be scheduled! 🙂

I’ve had a few people tell me that they’ve signed up for Stitchfix since my first post about it, and I can’t wait to hear how those experiences go! It’s nice to have the mall come to you, rather than the other way around- and worst case scenario, you don’t like anything in the box (unlikely) and it just costs the $20 that you spent to have it picked out and sent to your house.


So long, stitchfix! I give you an ‘A’ for effort this time.


P.S. Have you signed up yet? If you decide to, please use this link to check it out! When you sign up using my referral link, I get credit for the referral- once you get accepted, you can also get referral credit to put towards your purchases using your special link!



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2 responses to “Stitchfix returns!

  1. Your chevron maxi dress is similar to a dress I got in my april stitch fix. Very cute! love it!


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