Coconut Crack Bars


These. Are. Mmm. SO mmmm.

I have what one might call a dangerously sweet tooth right now. Someone save me! Nothing sweet is safe in our house- sooner or later, I will find it. Like that poor unassuming bag of chocolate chips in the baking cupboard that thought it’d grow up to be a chocolate chip cookie someday. Nope- in mah tummy. Or the marshmallows whose only dream was to be the gooey center of a s’more some breezy summer evening. Nope- in mah tummy.

This has got to stop… so I’m weaning myself off of sugar. Gradually. VERY gradually. My end goal isn’t to never have sugar- just less of it. I think it’ll be a good thing. Especially if that goal causes me to stumble upon bars like this.


I saw this on Pinterest (of course) – and noticed that the link was back to a blog that I used to read on occasion, a girl who loves all things sweet but makes them with healthy ingredients and no sugar- just what I was looking for!


These definitely didn’t disappoint- they were a cinch to throw together and with a short spin the in the food processor, these were ready for consumption.

I didn’t even miss the sugar. And THAT, my friends, is crazy.

Click here for the recipe!


P.S. So, happy as I am that I am back to exercising- I am SO SORE. Like, I can hardly pick up my own daughter (who weighs roughly 10 pounds at this point, if I had to guess). The sad part is, I have only run a combined total of 3.5 miles with Gabby in the stroller (in two days) and done a few lunges/ab exercises. I took the day off yesterday to let my muscles rest, but today I’m going to try to pound out 2.5 miles to get myself ready for this 5k in a few weeks- have you signed up? It’s for a GREAT cause! Email me or comment if you have any questions about registration or this organization- it truly has had an amazing impact on thousands of lives.


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