Chiles Rellenos


Well, I think K has a darn good reason (or many darn good reasons) for being slightly more absent from the blog, don’t you? That girl is one of the most hard-working and positive people I know- I was surprised she wrote that post (even after I begged her to) because she hates to sound like she’s complaining about being busy. Bless her busy heart.

Well, while I get total control of the blog for now, (muhaha) I need to share with you a fantastically easy-but-hard-sounding dinner idea for you.


It’s been a family tradition of my in-laws to go to a Mexican restaurant in town on Saturday nights. They are impressive- they even order their entrees in espanol! Not going to lie, I always get a little anxious ordering in a different language- one time I tried to order a salad (‘ensalada’) and they brought me ENCHILADAS. Eh, enchiladas were probably better than a salad anyway.

My own parents also love this restaurant and convinced Joey to start ordering the chile rellenos- I was surprised he agreed to try it because there’s no meat in this dish! Nevertheless, he tried it and gets it everytime now…which means…


…it was only a matter of time before he asked me to attempt to recreate it at home.


If I can’t even pronounce the simplest menu items from a restaurant, I’m not sure this is going to end well for anyone.


One chill pill later, I found out that it’s super easy and has a surprisingly short ingredient list.

I used this method and recipe! The only thing I would change would be to dip the entire chile into the batter and completely coat it first- not coat it one side at a time as their recipe suggests. I found that method to be quite frustrating. Also, I used Anaheim peppers- for those of you who don’t ‘do’ spicy food, I am one of you! Most mild salsas are all I can handle- but this pepper, after being roasted, skinned, stuffed with cheese and fried, is just right. ( after reading that list, what’s NOT to like??)

Bon Apetit!  I mean… buen provecho!




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