It’s not cheating, ‘cuz I like steak.

Yep, I’m talking about TOFU.


I am a proud wife of a dairyman, and still like tofu. Is that against the rules?? I hope not- I like to think that because I still eat my fair share of red meat and milk, loving tofu isn’t cheating. Tofu is one of those funky sounding things that people (like me) usually avoid eating solely because the word ‘tofu’ just sounds weird. Why have ‘ugh, tofu’ when you could have filet mignon?? Actually, that’s a bad example. I would hope that you would always choose a filet over tofu. That being said, tofu can be quite good too.


I bought a big tub of spinach last time I went grocery shopping, and challenged myself to use it all up before any of it could spoil. I used to go through spinach like a wildwoman! Spinach smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and another salad alongside dinner- then I must have hit ‘spinach overload’ because spinach didn’t make it into the grocery cart for quite some time. I think I’m back to loving spinach again- it’s a roller coaster, people.

Anyways, I was making myself a salad with this spinach last week and was looking for a protein to mix in for staying power. Deli meat, eh. Nah. Leftover chicken sausage? Possibly. Tofu… Ok, I’m feeling adventurous and Gabby is napping- I’ll try it.


I just blackened the pressed tofu with a little cooking spray, and then tossed it with some teriyaki sauce to get that good flavor all soaked up- that’s what I love about tofu! It absorbs pretty much whatever flavor you choose to toss it with- making it deliciously versatile.

In my HUGE salad: teriyaki glazed tofu, spinach, fiber one cereal (for some crunch) cucumbers, sliced bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, salsa yogurt ranch dressing. BOMB SALAD.

I won’t lie, though. Tofu is no replacement for a good steak.

Still, it’s not cheating!


In the mood for some Gabby-lovin? I always am.





IMG_5611 IMG_5598







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2 responses to “It’s not cheating, ‘cuz I like steak.

  1. Shelly

    Aren’t baby stretches the best?? 🙂 no comment on the tofu. Haha


  2. they are the best!! I need to have a camera on the ready every morning… 😉 and I remember in college our nutrition prof made us 7 layer bean dip and after we all chowed down, she told us it was tofu- not ground beef. I can’t believe we didn’t catch on… I was slightly offended that she pulled one over on us!


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