Kettlebell Love

Last night I went for a quick 2 miler sans stroller- usually running solo makes for a much faster pace, but last night that did not happen. My heels immediately hurt when I started my warm-up jog, but I kept going in hopes that I just needed to warm them up and then the rest of the run would be enjoyable.



My feet hurt the entire time. Total bummer- and I’ve never had that kind of pain from running before. I thought maybe the stroller had changed the way I run, hence the soreness, but (lucky me) I have a friend in Physical Therapy grad school and so I asked her opinion. She said there’s a possibility that I over-worked my ligaments in my foot, which were more lax from pregnancy/childbirth. That is news that I don’t like to hear- and that I usually ignore in hopes that things will improve. This time though, I’m taking her advice to take it down a notch so that I can enjoy the Modesto Pregnancy Center 5k in two weeks. It is an amazing and life-changing organization that I want to support- and they can always be blessed by your donations if you are able!

So, for now its walking/elliptical for me, and my new favorite- KETTLEBELLS!

Normally kettlebells are between $30-$50 (!?!?) for ONE kettlebell at Target, or $60ish for a set of 3 on Amazon, but this cheapskate found 2 for $10 each at TJMaxx last week. Best score yet!

Here’s the workout I did this morning, before Gabs and I head out for a day of errands (gotta get fit-tested before I go back to work) boo.





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