Move It Monday

It’s the start of the work week! Luckily I don’t have to work today like most of ya’ll- work starts for me tomorrow. I’ve dubbed it “Terrible Tuesday”. Even though I’m excited to see my co-workers again and get back into a bit of a routine, I’m dreading not seeing this face for a whole day.




My mom will be watching her all day- meaning 7 am to 6:30 p.m. It’s gonna be a killer- trying to get back into work-mode while thinking about Gabs is probably going to make for a frazzled mama. I’m blessed in that I hopefully only have to be away at work about once a week, so that makes it a little more bearable! Still, tomorrow’s gonna be… interesting.


To rewind a bit, this past weekend was a wonderful blur of events! We started out bright and early at the Walk/Run for Life in Modesto hosted by the Modesto Pregnancy Center. It was a great turnout! Lots of very enthusiastic people all gathered together for a great cause and a little exercise! I had a fun little running group- 2 pregnant friends and 2 mommas!


I know I said I was going to walk it because of my injured feet, but stubbornness won out. We jogged the whole thing and it felt so good mentally to run that the physical impact on my feet didn’t seem so bad. Probably not my smartest decision ever but eh, Gabs wanted to run and I couldn’t say no. I was so impressed by my pregnant girlfriends for keeping up a fabulous pace!



Gabby and I had to high-tail it outta there after the run because next up was a baby shower for a sweet friend of mine! Natalie threw a beautiful baby shower for a beautiful mama-to-be of a little boy! Next time I have an event to host, I’m hiring Nat. Forget Pinterest! It was so special to follow up a Run for Life with a celebration of a baby on the way!






And the most darling little girl ever wanted to help me bring Gabs out to the car after the party- she said she wanted to be a mommy too! Heart = melted.


After we got home, I needed to rest my achy (and angry) feet and Gabs was sleepy, so we caught a couple rays and kicked back outside in the warm afternoon sun.



She wasn’t having it with the top, so Euro-style she went! Naughty naughty… I’m gonna have to make sure that changes soon.

Fast forward to today, we had an early morning- so instead of falling back asleep, I decided to do a quick Kettlebell workout. It was intense, and I’m glad my workout is done for the day. Kettlebells are sneaky little suckers! It doesn’t seem like it’d be that hard, but just try one round of a circuit and we’ll talk then. I have been way more motivated to find good home workouts because I finally suspended my gym membership. I went to my gym on Friday for the first time in months (why didn’t I suspend it sooner?? Wishful thinking I guess) just to see if it would work to have Gabs in her carseat by me for a quick 30 min workout, but that’s not allowed (totally understandable) and they don’t do childcare until babies are 6 months old. I wasn’t too disappointed to suspend my membership, because I wasn’t sure if having Gabs at a gym was a good idea anyway- so it just solidified my decision to stay in shape on my own for a while.

Hence, Move-It Monday! Thought I’d share another good circuit with you, even though I’m still sore from the last kettlebell workout.

It’s quick and killer!


Now I’m off to the mall with my mom- It’s Nurse’s Week! Meaning… free Cinnabon. I get a Cinnabon once a year and it’s always free because we just show our badges and into our hands drops a ooey gooey delicious cinnamon roll that will tide me over until my 2014 Cinnabon. Yespleaseandthankyou.












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