Mexican Rice: Spiced up!



At a total loss as to what to make for dinner Tuesday night, I had completely forgotten about some Mexican rice a co-worker had made for me the night before. I don’t know what exactly he puts in it, but it’s magical. He’s explained it to me before, but I’m usually too busy cramming the rice in my mouth to pay attention to his directions. My bad. 🙂

Tossed some steak (or chicken, if that’s what you’re feelin) in a saute pan with a little S&P, added some green chiles from a can, some pico de gallo, taco seasoning and some Tapatio. Once that was all done, I threw the rice in there and kept it on medium low heat, stirring all the while, til it was all hot! A little shredded cheddar topped it off beautifully….

Use chips as utensils, eat nacho style, or as a regular stir-fry….Curtis scarfed it down like I hadn’t fed him in days.

Which, to be honest, I probably haven’t made a sit down dinner in about a week. Thank goodness God blessed me with a man who can cook for himself if he has to!

The end is in sight, guys- exams next week and then……..FREEDOM! Never thought I’d look forward to ‘just work’ so much…..



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