Virtual Coffee Date

If we were having coffee today, I’d be so happy. Because it’s been a while.

K and I have had a crazy week and are both SO happy to be able to just sit. And have a cuppa joe with ya’ll.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about the bridal shower that my friend Stace threw for the now happily married bride last Thursday- it was so fun! It was one of the best showers I’ve been too- mainly because we were allowed to wear comfy clothes!! There’s nothing better than sweet tea pedicures and blind wine-tasting with close friends, all while wearing stretchy pants. K and I got to make all the appetizers for this party- and we ended up making bacon-wrapped, goat cheese stuffed figs (thats a mouthful) and bruschetta, a cheese assortment, and a couple pounds of dark chocolate. Oh yes, chocolate is an appetizer in our book.


I’d also tell you that I had to work again on Friday- Joey’s mom got to watch Gabby all day and also kept me going by sending me videos/ pics of her throughout the day! I’m beyond happy that our moms are able to watch Gabby on the occasions I work- it makes it much easier to relax and focus on my job for the hours I’m required to 🙂

Right after work, I high-tailed it home, grabbed my hubby and daughter, and we were on our way to my little sister’s graduation from high school. Wait, what?? She’s out of HIGH SCHOOL!?

Oh, and my daughter is 3 MONTHS OLD. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and call a time-out- this is all going way too fast! It feels like everything is honestly in ‘fast forward’ and I can hardly keep up sometimes- maybe I’ll just camp out at home from now on and just stare at Gabby to make sure I don’t miss anything… good idea, right? Ha!

Let me tell you something before your coffee gets cold- Gabby is wonderful. Of course, the first couple weeks with a newborn always has its emotional moments and challenges, but I cannot believe how wonderful she is. She just smiles, coos, loves to swing upside-down, cuddles, and hates dirty diapers. And when I say she hates dirty diapers, I mean it- even if it’s barely wet, she’ll let you know she wants a clean one to poop in. Understandable, in my opinion.

In all honesty, I look forward to each day now more than I ever have because I get to experience it with Gabby- and I think it’s only going to get more fun!


My friend Nicole got to babysit Gabby on Saturday night when Joe and I attended our friends’ **AMAZING** wedding- it was the first time we left her with a non-relative, and it couldn’t have gone better! Nicole is a registered nurse and my running buddy- also expecting her own bundle of joy in September- not bad credentials for a babysitter! I won’t lie though, we definitely pushed the speed limit going to pick her up.


I’d also have to tell you all about the wedding- Ash and Tim are one of the best couples I know. And I know a LOT of ‘best’ couples! Maybe I’m just lucky to know so many good people. They had smiles on their faces that just radiated love for each other and the reception was gorgeous too! They had a COFFEE bar, folks. Aaand a cigar bar. (Not my thing, but still awesome) aaaand a candy bar! Be still my heart. And the food had me rendered speechless; you know how rare that is at weddings!






Do you need to heat up your coffee? I’m trying to convince myself that I realllly shouldn’t have a third cup. Maybe decaf? Okay.


My family was here from out of town, and it was their first time getting to hold my little Gabmuffin- we spent every spare minute with the fam this weekend! Sunday we also had Linds’ graduation party. Oh dear, I still can’t believe she’s done with high school. Not sure how I feel about that… mostly excited for her though! Still hoping for a time-slower-downer machine to be invented.


Well, there is SO much more I could tell you, but our plumber is just about finished fixing the floodgates that was our bathroom this weekend. Oh yes, sounds fun doesn’t it? 🙂 On the plus side, I couldn’t do laundry all weekend because the washing machines caused flooding- sounds like a silver lining to me!

Oh oh oh! One more thing– I’m so excited to say that my sister in law and I will be running the Wharf to Wharf in Santa Cruz in July! That’s 6 miles of fun, while surrounded by music and fans- Debs will be a few months pregnant, and I’ll be hopefully getting over my feet issues! I am already counting down the days that we get to do this together! Debating whether or not I should run with my stroller- I think it’s only fair since Debs will be running pregnant, I should probably run with my baby too! We’ll see.


Well, that’s all for today guys- hope we can have coffee together sometime soon. And after a week of radio silence on this blog, it is GOOD to be back!



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