Bourbon Street Chicken


Good morning! This post is being written from my iPhone, because we have been experiencing technical difficulties as of late with our Internet. Hence, hardly any posts from me this week! I am up to my ears in frustration with anything computer related these past few days- I decided to finally back up all my pictures since 2007 because my laptop is on its last legs and every picture I’ve ever taken is on that computer.

35,000 pictures later…. I’m ready to pull my hair out! 35,000!? That’s roughly 5,000 pics a year?! In my defense, I went to college, Europe, got married, started a blog, went to Israel, other vacations/weddings, and had a baby in those years… But still. That would account for MAYBE 1/8 of those pics.

The shame… So I’ve spent hours mass-deleting ridiculous pictures that my ‘teen self’ thought necessary to take.

I’ve vowed never to take another stupid picture. Only super cute ones like this.


In the midst of all this, our Internet went down! Ayiyi.

In an effort to maintain positivity, my little sis is here for the weekend and we have decided to not watch tv all weekend and busy ourselves by being outside and cooking delicious food.


I saw this recipe on Pinterest and one look at the picture already had me drooling and fumbling for the ingredients- it’s called Bourbon Street Chicken, but there’s no bourbon in the recipe. It’s an easy peasy crockpot dinner, probably our new favorite!


I served this tangy chicken over some white rice with grilled zucchini on the side- and drizzled the leftover juice on the zucch’s as well. Click here for the recipe!


This… Was a winner.

I only took two pictures of this… You know why 🙂



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