Goat Cheese Brie Stuffed Mushrooms

Goat cheese Brie, bacon, and rosemary. These flavors belong together. Ill begin with that. The mushrooms were so delish. and Girls Wine Night was so fun 🙂 there was so much good food, good wine, and good conversation so I would definitely call it a success.
We had a wonderful range of yummy-ness to choose from: fruit pavlova, ‘crimp’ salad, chocolate covered strawberries, avocado/salsa bruschetta, pasta salad, and crackers and cheese.
Even though I’ve just had dinner, writing this makes my mouth water. I also now want to try my hand at making meringues! If you’ve never had pavlova, try it. I don’t know if the recipes vary, but this one began with meringue made into a bowl with fruit fruit and whipped cream in it. Delectable! All of us girls had a hard time not snooping all evening until we decided that snooping is totally okay and calories don’t count on wine nights. So next time I think I’ll recruit M to make me some of those cookies….
Wow. I have got to stop thinking about food now. Girls night is over- so calories count again. 😥
Make these mushrooms!!!!

Goat Cheese Brie Stuffed Mushrooms
-two boxes whole button mushrooms
– 1 small wheel goat cheese Brie
– a couple (6/7) strips of thinly sliced bacon
– about a tablespoon of rosemary
– about 2 tablespoons minced garlic

Preheat oven to 350. To prepare mushrooms, pull out the stems and arrange in a baking dish upside down. In each of the mushrooms, put a bit of the garlic in the bottom. Then, on top of the garlic, put a good pinch of the cheese. Then sprinkle some rosemary on top! Once this part is done, set the mushrooms aside to start the bacon. Fry the bacon so it’s good and crispy. Then break the bacon apart into about dime size pieces and stick into the cheesy center of the mushroom. Bake until the juice is seeping a little from the mushrooms into the pan… And enjoy!


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