Lately… I’ve been trying to blog, but… life happened! Here’s a couple things that are happenin’ around here and that I’m loving lately.

1. She’s 4 months old, and chock full of smiles and personality. We have the best time together. I just get all excited when I think about how I get to be her mom forever.





2. My sister-in-law and her family moved here from Texas. Can you say… EXCITED!!?



3. Gabs got to meet her other cousins this week too.. twin girls and Riley!



Riley was too busy taking all the pictures to be in a shot- and can you say cutest onesies girls, ever?! Their mom told me she got the outfits here! The twins’ names are Aubrey and Avery- Aubrey and Gabs couldn’t stop holding hands. BFF’s already!

4. This nail polish makes me happy.


5. I thought maybe whitening my teeth this morning would fool my dentist into thinking I am a fanatic about flossing. I was sorely wrong (no pun intended). Don’t question my logic please.

6. I need these.


7. And Gabby needs this outfit.


8. I had a WAY amazing birthday ( I don’t typically put huge emphasis on my birthday but this year was AWESOME!) and so I needed some chic thank-you’s to send to my peeps.


9. You guys all know my obsession with s’mores- so you know I’m obsessed with these!

Enjoy your summer! I’ll be back tomorrow with the best flank steak marinade I’ve ever had.





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2 responses to “Lately

  1. Kerrisan Meyer

    The pictures of the girls laying on a blanket reminds me of the wrestling matches we used to have when we were that age.


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