DIY Kitchen Curtains

I made curtains this weekend! Quite proud of myself, actually. Since I painted my kitchen months and months ago, my windows have been naked, and needing some pizzazz! So my mother-in-law helped me find some pretty fabric- at WALMART no less. Now just for the record, I shop at Walmart for a lot of things, but I was a little surprised and excited I found such good quality and cute canvas fabric there!
So here’s how I did it:
***first wash and iron your fabric so you start with it fresh and unwrinkled***

First, I laid the fabric out on the ground and used the curtain rods to measure how long and wide I wanted them to be.
Then I doubled the fabric over, so that the curtains would end up being double sided and also have a little volume, and I cut it and set it aside.

Because I used two pieces/styles of fabric (one for the curtain rod to pass through) and one larger section for the bottom portion, I cut a 7″ piece of the ‘curtain rod’ part that was the same width as the bottom portion.

Now for the sewing, this is actually the easy part, since you only sew five straight lines!
With this pattern, I basically made a loop of fabric with a seam sewn near the top for the rod to go through.
So, begin by folding and pinning the sides just a half inch or so and hemming the sides to create a finished look.
Then, I took the top edge of the bigger section of fabric and laid it pattern side up. After that I matched up the smaller section of fabric and laid it on top of the larger portion- patterned side to patterned side. I sewed the edges together in one straight seam, and did that one more time to the other side of the two pieces, creating that continuous circle of fabric.


Then, I laid the curtains out how I wanted them to look when they would be hanging from the rod, and matched up the front seam to the one on the back, and sewed right over that seam (on my curtains, its the seam where the fabric changes) to make the loop that the rod goes through.



Since I chose to use two fabrics, that complicated this a little- so if you decide to make your own curtains, know that you can do so by using one piece of fabric and sewing four straight lines 🙂
For the windows I decorated, I had two curtains to make, so I merely followed these directions two times to make two small curtains!
It took less than an hour, minus washing time 🙂
And now my windows are no longer naked!


Now, if I could only get Jasper to help me fold my laundry instead of using it as a bed….




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